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Beauty & the Beat

Hey guys!

Happy 2014!! Check out this vid I seen on my Disney loving friend Rays FB by Todrick Hall….. Its one of the tracks from Beauty & the Beast….. But it if she lived in the ghetto! One of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time!



GAGA & PEREZ at War?


So the twittersphere has gone INSANE in the last few hours over the feud that is Lady gaga & Perez Hilton. Ex-BFF’s are tearing each other apart on twitter! It’s not 100% apparent on what exactly has gone awry between the high profile pair, however whatever it is seems serious. Both are branding each other liars! GAGA saying that Perez is stalking her and had be sending her psychotic messages….image


while camp PEREZ says that Gaga is a liar, and has not only stabbed him in the back but walked all over people that work for her, and many other artist….. This is better than Eastenders!



Could this all be over Perez publicizing negative views on GAGA’s new single ‘Applause’ suggesting the artist has lost her touch? Is Gaga being overly sensitive or is Perez gone back to his old nasty ways??(Didnt he ever really leave them?)

Check out all the drama live on Twitter!

My 2 Cents!

So I know I’ve dissapeared for the last few months and havent had an recent posts lately but I’m back!

I’ve recently made the big move to LDN(London for those not in the know) and and dying to give my 2 cents(or pence for us in the Uk) on current make up trends, catwalk trends….. and fashion bloggers that suddenly decide to give make up tutorials?!

So whats got you all excited like a schoolgirl this season? Whats your must have for your make up bag? Whats your favourite cross over product from summer to autumn…. And whats your take on those pesky fashion bloggers trying to put their figers in other peoples pies!? Ill be blogging about some Autumn Winter Make Up collections launched exclusively at Harrods and filling you in and whats hot and whats not!

First up will of course be a look at the Givenchy Autumn/Winter Couture make up collection(And the new foundation Tient Couture which launched exclusively at Harrods today!) which will be make its way to stores soon!


RIP to the Avon Lady

Today on the 8th of April, 2013, Avon cosmetics ceased trading in Ireland. They say that its part of cost cutting measures  to insure the growth and sustainability of the firm. Avon founder David H. McConnell would be turning in his grave, as he himself, although born in the states, was son of and Irish mother & father. He was one of the first to help women establish themselves as workers when he started the California Perfume Company in 1886 which later became known as Avon 1932.

In Ireland Avon had roughly 9000 reps across the country who were known as ‘Avon Ladies’ (I was even an Avon Lady for a period of time!). And contrary to popular belief many people, earned greatly from this position. For many people, women especially, this put food on the table, clothes on their families back, paid for their kids through school & in some cases was the only source of income. Many Buisness Developers had set up thriving businesses to distribute to their vast teams, and in some cases….. this job was the only time they could socialize, and they often became well known faces & pillars of support for women in their community, & were also keen fundraisers for Breast cancer charities & more throughout the country.

In 2010 Avon recorded annual sales of $10.8 billion worldwide, all of which could not have been possible without hard work women & few ‘good men’, and unfortunately it seems greed has won out over what the company stands for in their most recent cost cutting attempt to ensure bigger growth, Avon is seeking global savings of $400m (€307m) between now and 2016. A quote today from the firms CEO Sheri McCoy said “We continue to work aggressively toward turning around the business,” & “The steps outlined today take us closer to our cost-savings goal. At the same time, we remain focused on continuing to streamline the business and driving top-line growth.” 

My thoughts are with all the ladies a few good men that lost their jobs today & hope that the Irish Avon family stay strong for each other over the coming months.



The Message on their site today

The Message on their site today

IFTA’s Fashion… Or Lack of….

So one of the most glamorous events in the Irish film industry is upon us tonight and I’ve very politely taken the time to scowl through dresses & tuxes to find my BEST & WORST dressed! Although for me fashion is something that only you yourself can define….. Im going to totally contradict myself… The red carpet at the IFTAs was full of glamour, colour, sparkles & velvet…… Yes… I said Velvet…. I KNOW. Unfortunately I think a lot of our lovely faces of Ireland were given some boring, safe & downright BAD Advice tonight about their Red Carpet ensemble. However their must be a winner of WORST DRESSED & unfortunately for me…. That winner was……. Blathnaid ni Chofaigh! Sorry B but that wrap dress wrapped all the wrong areas!


And for my best dressed? It was a close call…..(Of not much) but I still couldn’t decide between 2? So my BEST DRESSED ladies of the IFTA’s are…….

ImageKathryn Thomas for this sophisticated take on a classic black dress! And also actress Annette Flynn ( I kept calling her Lynette! Aca- Awkward!)


Anette rocks a classic in this black & nude lace ensemble & for the the best dressed of the classic(Or safe) dresses! She’s also rocking Givenchy Couture on the lips! Le Rouge number 306 or Carmin Escarpin!

And last but certainly not least…. Best dressed Male!!! (There’s no point in having a worst dressed male section, because lets face it… Who cares!) And the BEST DRESSED MALE goes to……


BRESSIE! Because… Well lets face it….. He could’ve rocked up in trakkies & still won!

What did we think of the fashion at the IFTA’s disappointed like me? Or think Im off my rocker?



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Givenchy to Defy with Colour & Couture!

‘Le Rouge Givenchy, a magnetic rendez-vous between leather and pure color where fashion and beauty collide… 
For the first time, Givenchy focuses all its skill and expertise in high qu ality leather goods on designing a lipstick like a Couture accessory.

More than a lipstick…Givenchy creates an unprecedented Couture object of desire that envelops the lips with intense colour in one stroke for a sensuously mat finish.’

This is how Givenchy describes their latest creation, Le Rouge. It’s UK & Ireland collection consists of 12 colours, ranging from nude to a deep sensual red.

Le Rouge Swatches solo

In it’s usual way Givenchy has managed to seamlessly weave cosmetics & couture together to make something of a chic accessory. However, this time they have really outdone themselves….. The packaging is like a couture piece straight off Tisci’s catwalk. A salmac (a rare type of fused metal that Ricardo Tisci uses for his buckles, jewelery & handbag claps from) studded inspired piece wrapped in a luxurious soft lamb leather. Now I hear you just glazing over the leather statement, but this is definitely something to be sniffed at….. As in when you get your hands on yours, smell it!

Le Rouge Close Up

Not only does the packaging smell amazing, now smell the lipstick itself, rich in colour, & castor oil free, the lipstick smells of soft blueberry. And to front the campaign? Well the lovely Liv Tyler has been snubbed by Givenchy as the face, with them opting for a more couture choice, muse & friend of Tisci himself Mariacarla Broscono. Maricarla has been featured in many high fashion houses collections & catwalks and is most known for her hair, walk & eyes, and is more recently known for being the face of Givenchys Dahlia Noir fragrance, & also appearing in their SS13 campaign with her 4 month old baby! Oh to be a model!!!

Le Rouge Visual

And thats not all, Givenchy have discontinued their fabulous Vernis Please! nail polish range only to be replaced by a new more couture range… Le Vernis. And their will be a matching Lipstick in the Le Rouge range.

Givenchy-Le-Vernis-bottlesLe Vernis Visual Le Vernis Visual mariacarla

The New collection will go on preview at Debenhams from tomorrow & then have their exclusive launch at Debehams from Monday 21st, only to be rolled out in the rest of their stores from the 4th of February! Although I wouldn’t wait until then, these lippys have been on demand & have already had waiting lists across the UK & Ireland, so get yours soon!

Available at Givenchy Debenhams Henry Street Dublin & Patrick Street Cork.




RTE Fails as Aengus Blooper Goes Viral… & Kimmel!

Poor poor Aengus! Unfortunately Stateside tv favorite Jimmy Kimmel got his sights on RTE’s most recent blooper & couldn’t resist bestowing Aengus with an honorable award, which the audience got as much laughs out of as we did, however, he did compliment him also! New career aspects…. Aengus goes stateside? We’ll wait for his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres!