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Is your foundation doing you a favour?

So, MINERAL FOUNDATIONS?? Hate them or love them they’re HUGE! I had a huge issue with them when they came out. A lot of them (Mentioning no names) do nothing but colour your skin rather than cover it and at the price of some of them it just wasn’t worth it.

However……… I’M IN LOVE!! A few months ago I started using Faces Sheer Glow. Its a mineral powder foundation with an SPF of 25, shea butter and to top it all off……. Its water resistant!! Feels great on and gives a lovely coverage too! I even covered a black eye with it before! The most important thing however is the SPF. Especially with this semi wonderful summer taking its toll on our skin!

Check it out!!!! Faces Cosmestics in the Pavillion in Swords or Arnotts!

So weather you like your mineral foundations or not you should check this one out! Go to a counter and try it on!



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