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Commitment & Monogamy’s for rookies!!!

Ok, so before you all go off on some mad rant, take a minute or 2 to read on! I was very monogamous and committed when I started(only 3 years ago), and I thought I was happy……..

Ok I can’t do it anymore! I’m talking about that 1 brand of makeup that you like that makes you feel like you have put down other brands when you see them just so you know that your brand knows that your not cheating on it! My absolute guilty pleasure was MUFE(MakeUp Forever). I trained there, my makeup career was born and breadth there, not to mention the pigments in their eyeshadows are most likely the best I’ve worked with. Their lashes are stunning. The starpowders, the highlighters, the brushes, the foundations!!!! Some of the best(non mineral) foundations available on the market. Their HD Foundation. Great cover. Seamless finish. Yet lightweight and undetectable. I could go on for HOURS about these guys. For a good 2 years I used NOTHING else!(other than Face2 which is a sister company which we’ll discuss another time!). I was smitten!

Then I start working for MUS(MakeUpStore) and I got some of my favourite products like the high tech lighter for my kit. Then moved onto Faces. A touch of Urban Decay… A Givenchy lippy and even some Gosh! I’m a huge believer in trying everything once! Get over your obsession with ‘the brand’ and get out there! Play the field!


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