All things makeup & fabulous!

Your very own Alejandro…..

Ok, so not the most  exciting blog today, but hopefully it will be helpful!

Going to do a series of entries and different types of  make up for different things. My first entry is, because of the serious lack of it, MALE make up. Whether it be day-to-day, stage, tv or high fashion. I won’t be telling you HOW to do it. Ill be telling, and with the aid of pictures(Hopefully), showing you how I would do it. So whether you’re completely clueless or just looking to see other ways of doing it. Ill be showing you how to create your very own Alejandro!

(*In really fast low voice talk* The Alejandro you see in your head will most likely differ to the one I see in mine. Terms and conditions apply!)lol.


Lisa Nolan & Peter Kinane for 'Athem' photoshoot.


So if you have an ideas of anything you’d like to see me tackle(and keep it PG please)… Drop me a comment on this post@:D

1st Entry….’Male’ to come soon!:D


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