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Oxegen blues………?

So…. Oxegen……. I’ve heard the stories and heard how great it is but sadly i dont think it will ever be for me. The only way youd get me to Oxegen is with a thigh high wellie with a killer heel and platform! Too many flats for my liking to be in the same place!! Either way….. It’s all over for another year…… Feeling the blues? Drop into me at faces for a free cheer over!:) (make over!) lost your make up? Need to replenish? Or just want to down right annoy me…. Here’s where you can find me with FACES over the next week!!

Today WED 14th from 10-6(Pavillion)

THURS 15th from 10-8(pavillion)

FRI. 16th from 10-7(Arnotts)

SUN. 18th from 12-6(Pavillion)

Drop in! And try out the brand. It’s fab!:)

Check out the make up I did on the beautiful Georgia Salpa for Miss Universe Ireland…. Foundation is FACES SHEER GLOW!

Love it!:)

(Picture by Evan Doherty!)


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