All things makeup & fabulous!


Okay guys this is a first in the series of “Steal Her Face’! Hope you enjoy it.. And I hope its of benefit to you!

Our first face in the limelight is………………… The stunning Georgia Salpa!

Georgia Salpa at MUI @The Wright Venue!(Picture by Even Dogherty!)

Now is the part where you get to find out how get her look!


Foundation- Sheer Glow(MED); by Faces.


Eye Primer/Highlighter- Metaliglow; by Faces.
Eyeshadows- Eye Basics Palette;Faces2(Also used for brows) & no.307Diamond Shodow; MakeUp ForEver.


Blush- Fraulein 38(28 Palette)
Contour- Sculpting Kit(no.2 i think?); MakeUp ForEver


Lip Pencil- Sweet; By Faces
Gloss- Tickled Pink; By Faces

So thats it…. I think? If theres anything I’ve left out or anything else you want to know…. leave a comment or message me!:D


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