All things makeup & fabulous!

Pippa O’Connor, Nadia Forde, Lynn Kelly, Sara Kavanagh & Karena Graham at the launch of The Suns new magazine “BUZZ”. Make Up by DJsMakeUp & VanityX Make Up Studios, Hair By Kiera Conlon & Hannah McCourt

So it’s been (makeup)FOREVER since I’ve posted an entry! But Ive been UBER busy and run off my feet the last few weeks with debs and some HUGE events including the Launch of ‘BUZZ’ magazine for THE SUN!

HUGE thanks to all involved and HUGE apologies as I was a complete stress head!!
Check out some of the pics…..
Sarah Kavenagh in a creation by  Bari Crinion

Really fun day! Sorry to the girls too! Im at fault for the lack of breathing!!!

Had some recent publications over the last 2 weeks too(Including the sun newspaper for the Launch)……


Holly White in the Irish Independents 'Weekend' Magazine...

The Girls Inside!


Also have another one coming up this weekend in the ‘WEEKEND’ magazine! Watch out for me this November on Diary of a Debutant on TV3 and LOADS more!

Im gonna post more asap!:D

Sorry again for the lack of posting!

And thanks again for the support!:D



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