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Some things are best kept a SECRET! ;)

Hello hello hello!!!!!

Im UBER sorry again for taking 10years to post another entry! I’ve been uber busy and still am, I just wanted to squeeze this one in, but there’s still more to follow!

I assisted a shoot the other day with the fabulous Debbie McQuillan from Vanity X at Absolute Studios Dublin. It was a ‘wet look’ shoot and couldn’t have been more fun! The gorgeous and very willing model to brave the ICY(And boy do I mean icy) water was Anne Morgan! So other than to tell you about the shoot and to show you 1 or 2 of the pictures, my main reason for the update was actually for the products! So its that cold time of the year again!! (Very sad times) which is the followed by the snow… which is then followed by the dreaded RAIN!

And the worst thing about the rain? Getting caught in it o your way out on a saturday night with a face full of makeup = DISASTER!

Wouldn’t you love to know the secrets to be able to do this…….

Me pouring water over Anne!

Me pouring water over Anne!

and have your makeup still look like this………..?

Anne in icy cold pool of water!

Anne in icy cold pool of water!

Well HERE is the secret behind the look!

The base is Primer followed by:

*FACES – Cream Perfection
*FACES – Sheer Glow(Water resistant)
*MakeUpForever – HD Powder
(Followed by contouring and blush)

The eyes are the best part! Imagine being able to have a pint thrown over you and still be able to look AMAZING!

MakeUpForever – Aqua Creme white(Base)(WATERPROOF)
MakeUpForever – Aqua Creme Black(Lid)(WATERPROOF)
MakeUpForever – Aqua Black (Lid, Lashes & Liner)(WATERPROOF)—–BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE WORLD!—–

Lips –

Unfortunately……. That secret is just TOOOO Good to give away!:D:P

Hope this help you get through the horrible rain!!!!

Thanks again for reading!:)


Photographer: Absolute Studios Dublin Website
Model : Anne Morgan
MakeUp : Vanity X- Debbie McQuillan(Assisted by me!) Website


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