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Ello ello ello!

Right so I know I’m always blabbing on about something, but it’s generally because I’m mad about the something in question.

SO….. that being said I’m gonna be posting a few MUST HAVES over the next few weeks. These MUST HAVE will be both practical for makeup bag AND makeup KIT. And Im gonna start with a product I bug EVERYONE about……..



So I know I’m always going on about this but this is my favourite foundation/setting powder of ALL TIME!
All natural, moisturising, sun protecting, water-ressistant(GREAT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR) amazingness! If you can get into Faces CHECK IT OUT!
Its slowly but surely sneaking its way into makeup Artists kits and ladies makeup bags all over Ireland!

And something I always forgot to mention is…… They will do postal orders!:D NO EXCUSE!

They’ve also some exciting new products coming……… All will be revealed on arrival! But for now I shall Leave you to PONDER!
If you catch me out and about with my kit, ask for a try of my SheerGlow! Do it! Don’t be shy! I don’t bite! Unless its viciously early…. Then you might just get a snarl! :S

Also check out Faces FacebookGroup for updates on products, special events, special offers and some upcoming competitions!:D

Also checkout my interview with the gorgeous Suzanne Jackson on her ‘So Sue Me‘ Blog!

The Gorgeous Suzanne Jackson!

What out for more MUST HAVES! There’ll be a hint of my next one on!:D



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