All things makeup & fabulous!

MUST ADD 3 & 4…….


MakeUp Forever’s ‘Eye Lift Concealer’. This wondermagic has to be the work of god!(Or his/her equivalent!) It’s absolutely one of my favorite products and what does it do???? Its says BYE BYE to dark circles and actually makes you look like your awake even when your eyes are closed!…… Ok so the second part was a TEENY bit of an exaggeration but its amazing stuff. Once on you can say goodbye to dark cirlcles, and hello to fresher more awake looking eyes! YUM! My number is 3! HEART IT!:D





FACES METALIGLOW!  SO I know the ‘Must ADD’ list is starting to look kinda like the Faces and MakeUp Forever list, but give it time, these are jsut some of my favs!

Metaliglow is…… An eyeshadow primer, an eye colour and a highlighter all in one. You can pop it all over the lid to help make your eyeshadow colours more vibrant or simply just to help them hold on ALL NIGHT LONG! But whats best about this is it doubles as a highlighter…. great for the cheeckbones, and also great for creating that ‘dewy’ look…… BEST PART???? At only €18, it last you YEARS!



You can check these products out in store…. MakeUp Forever @ Arnotts or there Boutique on Clarendon Street or FACES COSMETICS in the Pavillions SC Swords.

Happy Christmas Folks! HAVE A FAB ONE! But be safe on those roads!

And go easy on Santa this year! He’s broke!!!!!! 😛



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