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Yes yes yes! So if not you, then your mum, your auntie, your granny or someone you know will remember the slogan and also the advert if came from…. Glamorous lady knocking on the door with the little gloves? ITS THE AVON LADY!

Avon Lady

Avon Lady

1960 Avon calling advert1960 Avon calling advert

So one of the more taboo makeup brands that I feel some makeup enthusiasts are afraid to approach….. Claiming that they are of inferior quality to others, or that ‘I once tried their foundation and no lie, like, I totally swelled up like a balloon…. I’m allergic to Avon…’. Yet……. They aren’t as keen on completely slamming ‘Top’ brands after they’ve had a reaction to one of their products even thought they swear by 7 of their other ones…. It’s simply brushed off as an ingredient in that particular shade or cream etc… However, only recently I’ve been able to dabble with some of the Avon products and have… Well….. Fallen head over heels! Not only that, but I’ve learned a bit about their incredible 125 year history……………………

One of the most fascinating things I’ve learned about Avon is that of it’s million dollar research centre in the states, where, it not only lives and breaths make up and skincare products, but also creates some of the best loved technologies found in skincare and make up products across numerous brands on the market to date. Avon has a lot to boast about over it’s 125 year history, it being the first cosmetic company to stop testing on animals and its Anew range was the first mass skincare product to contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid anti-aging technology. ANEW is now a $1-billion-dollar skincare brand, with 2,400 jars sold every hour around the world.

Aside from the cosmetics…. Its also one of the only corporate companies in the world to openly support and speak out against domestic violence and has HUGE link with charities in communities all over the world including right here in Ireland. There’s so much I could say about how they help give back to communities but for now… Lets move onto the best part….. COSMETICS! 🙂

One of the things I like about Avon is that when you open the brochure your looking at a brand but also opening a store…. which in itself has many other ‘sub-brands’. And whats best…. If you don’t like the colour….. Wasn’t the right foundation choice(There’s LOADS to choose from) or you simply just didn’t like the product you got…. Send it back! Avon have a FANTASTIC no quibble, 90 day guarantee!(Just don’t try sending back a half empty bottle of something……!)


Colour & Contour Blush Duo

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

This has quickly become my first choice for blushers! The odd colouring to both colours and shimmer make it a hard contender in the contour race(where my Makeup Forever Sculpting kit stays FIRMLY in the lead), however, it’s ability to rouge using just the blush side or glow by only taking a dip of rouge along with the beige side, along with the shimmer, offer a glamorous dewey glow to the cheeks, and highlight to the cheekbone. It current offer price? €7.50(Normally €10.50) It’s a STEAL!

Magix Face Perfecter

Magix Face Perfector

Another favourite of mine! This primer has a typically silky texture found  amongst many brands of primer. The part that sticks out for me is that it has a unique gel to powder finish, so it dries instantly without drying the skin. Not the only brand to use this type of technology, but one of the lightest ones I’ve felt on the skin. Also boasts an SPF 20. Currently €10(Normally €15).

I’m going to end it here…. FOR NOW……. As it’s late/early? And as I’m now a Region Trainer for the Da Vinci Region of Avon, I’ll be able to keep you right up-to-date with all the new and up-coming products, aswell as some of my other favourite brands! So don’t be afraid of affordable makeup….. EMBRACE IT!

For information about becoming an Avon Rep, or to find a rep in you area and get a brochure you can e-mail, or check out this facebook page(Amoungst many others) or check out the website @

Peace out!



4 responses

  1. Meiri Grosso

    I live in USA and I would like to buy one produt from AVON UK (Avon Colour and Contour Blush Duo-Rose Glow) . Do you how I can get one? I am very interested in this produt. Please let me know. Thanks Meiri

    October 30, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    • If you send me a pic of the product.just so I know its right I could possibly post it to you?

      October 31, 2011 at 1:29 am

  2. Wow I love your Blog where do I go to find pis for back ground close to that-not yours of course!!

    March 3, 2012 at 12:12 am

    • This pic I have in the background is actually from a photoshoot I did a few years back. Love it! Thank you for your comment!

      March 5, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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