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Late Oxegen Update!

Updates Updates Updates!!!!! Well I am possibly the worst blogger going………… I can’t seem to find a few mins to get my brain to spew but right now…… SPEW IT WILL!!!!

Oxegen 2011 was AMAZING! Unfortunately I couldn’t keep updating as we had a MAJORLY busy weekend, but no worries folks…. I played as hard as I worked!!:) A full weekend full of celebs, makeup, hair products, mud & music! Highlight? Doing the ever fabulous KE$HA’s makeup….. A little scared  at first, hearing the stories, seeing the pictures and then being greeted at her door by a monstrous 75 ft bodyguard, then finally walking through the door and seeing a fresh faced stunning young lady sitting across a small 2 seater and next…? THE BEST AIR KISS EVER!

On Stage(Pics care of Peter Neill -

Definitely don’t believe everything you read or hear as this girl is soooooooo nice! She even asked me to be her giant dancing penis!! Watch out for her tour DVD too… As her bro was with her recording everything! So you hear of the bus breakdown ordeal & Some CRAZY KE$HA haircuts that we got s sneak preview of! Follow her on twitter!


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