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The ESSENCE Of Lovage!

A bitta lovage has to be throw in the direction of ESSENCE. Commonly found in PENNYS & DUNNES this low key, low cost brand is finding more & more space in my kit everyday!

Its started with a just a lipgloss….. XXL SHINE!

XXXL Shine Lipgloss by ESSENCE

This lightweight glossy gloss with a bit of a sparkle is POIFECT(Perfect but prettier) for the handbag. Its hint of colour goes great on a nude lip, over a lip pencil or to jucify a lipstick. My colour choices ‘Rock On’, ‘Glamour to Go’ & ‘Rising Star’.

I also played around with a few of their eyeshadows which are quite nice when used with some type of primer or base…. My favourite…..?

Whoom! boooom!!! Eyeshadow in 'Cream Canvas' by ESSENCE

Perfect cream base, with a very subtle glitter particles for that barely this sparkle!

Another Must have for the kit was their NEW GEL EYELINER…..

Gel Eyeliner in 'Midnight in Paris' & Eyeliner Brush by ESSENCE

This, like many other is waterproof, stubborn to get off….. But FANTASTIC! The brush is also quite nice sized to fit in your makeup bag and also big enough to be used by the pro’s.(Both sold Separately.)

And my most recent purchase was a blush…… Wasn’t too sure about buying one at first but I had a 50’s style shoot today(…… yesterday….. earlier?) & decided on my shoestring budget to fly to PENNYS for a quick look and found the perfect colour….. and loved it.

Silky Touch Blush in 'Secret IT-Girl' by ESSENCE

Pigment & staying power were fantastic and it will definately be kept in my kit for future use!

Everything here is between €2.50 – €3.50… So get in & check em out!

I’ll also post pics from the shoot when they’re out… You can catch some sneak peak behind the scenes on Twitter.




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