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A Skincare Product Like No Other?

Ok, so I’ve decided to do my FIRST ‘Test Feed’ on my blog….. (We’ll obviously it’s my blog otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?). And I’ve decided to but a product that I’m particularly excited about to the test…… Its name?


Anew Genics to be precise. And where do we recognise that brand name from? None other than Avon. Anew is a 1 BILLION DOLLAR skincare brand in itself. And its most recent skincare breakthrough which according to it’s CEO, Andrea Jung, is 20 years in the making whereas the adverts say 10…. Either way I’m impressed. Here is a short clip talking about the products and its advances in technology:

So as you can see here, the claims made by Avon are quite serious, so I’ve decided to put it to the test!  So this is what they say…

In 3 Days: Deep wrinkles look plumped
In 2 Weeks: Dramatically reduces the look of age spots and discolourations
And In 8 Weeks: TAKES UP TO 10 YEARS OFF YOUR LOOK.(Baring in mind that if I looked 10 years younger I might actually look my age for once!)

The Genics product I’ll be using? The Treatment Concentrate. A serum up to 2x stronger than the Treatment Cream and also available on the market. I’ll be taking & posting some pics to document my trial. So here goes the first few!

Me(Slightly worse for wear & very much so pre Genics!)My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)



My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)


ANEW Genics Packaging.

ANEW Genics Unboxed.

So I’ve applied the concentrate to my lovely cleansed face, have let it set for a few mins, and followed it using my moisturiser (Also ANEW – Thremafirm.).

So thats all for now! I’ll reapply in the morning and repeat for 3days and report back! And then carry on!

Hopefully my speed-bumps will be less noticeable next time you see that mush! If anyone would like to PRE order genics Treatment Cream or Concentrate(And receive a free luxury bag with free skincare tailored to your age) email or go to



4 responses

  1. Great blog DJ!!! Cant wait to see the results. Im going to share with my page if that ok???

    September 30, 2011 at 10:13 am

    • Thanks Tracey!:) I hope I see the results too!:)

      September 30, 2011 at 7:53 pm

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