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Olsen Twins & Rihanna… Pink Eye or….. Bang on Trend?

So there’s been a flurry of bloggers blogging about this recently and over the last few months. Many of them have been slamming the look on many celebrities branding it as a look that works on nobody and is… well… Horrible?



Red Eyeliner, is it really all that bad?

I really love this look. I think it’s different a really edgy and is right on trend with a number of make up houses bringing out coloured mascara (Brands like Make Up Forever & Rimmel) & matching eyeliner. Obviously the look will suit some better than others, but like anything, if you’re gonna do it… Commit to it and rock it… BUT Be careful not make it too messy. It’s certainly not a look to throw on while running out the door as your may leave yourself looking like you’re suffering from a severe case of ‘Pink Eye’.

Red eyeliner from the Altuzarra Runway & also Rihanna Rocking the look.

So jurys in for me and I LOVE IT!

If you’d like us to pop up a demo pic of the look leave us a comment or drop us an email at



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