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So the results are in! And by the look at my blog counters at the time of the last post on GENICS there seems to be A LOT of interest in this product in particular….. But now, the moment you’ve all come to my blog for…. THE MUGSHOT! Drum-roll please………….

And no, Genics doesn't make your hair purple... Boredom does!:P

3 Days AFTER Genics.

So after 3 days of using the treatment concentrate I can notice a difference. I found my skin feels better, is slightly brighter & have definitely seen an improvement in my stubborn speedbumps! Check out this side-by-side!

Before & After.

Although small, and you still can see my speedbumps, after 3 days it’s a good sign of things to come if used over a long period of time, or if fully incorporated into your skincare routine. Im going to continue using the product a do another picture review on the 2 week mark! WATCH THIS FACE!

The Genics Range of Products.

Why not click here to flick back to the first Genics post and see if you can see the difference?

Got an opinion? Want to know more? Want us to review a particular product? WANT A SAMPLE OF GENICS? Comment & subscribe to the blog either via wordpress or email and let me know. The first 10 people will receive a sample in the post!:)




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