All things makeup & fabulous!

2011 BC…….C?

BCC you say? What could this be you say? Tell me you say? Seriously shut up and explain what your mean you say?

Well BCC is a fresh, new affordable way to apply makeup………? Still no idea?

Blank Canvas Cosmetics. A brand new Irish company to hit the Irish market bringing affordable, yet FABULOUS makeup brushes right to your door! The company based in Ireland is run by Úna Tynan who is herself a makeup artist on the circuit for over 5 years now. She decided to get into this side of the business after slowly realizing over year that few years she has spent quite the fortune on makeup brushes….. So BCC(Blank Canvas Cosmetics) aims to bring TOP QUALITY makeup artist tools, and a very affordable price, right to your door…. And what else? FREE SHIPPING to ANYWHERE in Ireland. And whats even better? Úna has told me she aims to keep ALL her brushes UNDER €16 & with free shipping & will very soon be offering pro discount!

They have recently just launched their first set of brushes aptly named “MY FACE & EYE” brushes & roll set, which I recently got my hands on for a quite nice price!

BCC My Face & Eye Brush Set

 Pictured are the 12/13(The flat foundation brush is double ended with a smaller brush at the other end, either for those hard-to-reach places or to use as a concealer brush.) brushes that come in the My Face & Eye set, which also come in a lovely black soft brush roll. This set retails normally at €150, yet I got my hands on one from for the loverly price of €68. This also includes free shipping. However the brushes are also available individually for some hard to beat prices with the most sought after ‘Stipple'(Duo Fibre) brush for the unbeatable price of €12.

To check our Blank Canvas Cosmetics and their range of brushes click here.

I love this brush set and it was quite hard to pick my top 3, the powder brushes are fab and very soft, the angle brush is FAB, the stipple brush is great & the blending brush(006) although different to my normal choice of blender has won me over hands down. But for my top 3?

1. 008 the angled shading brush, which personally I find quite hard to find brushes like these, and they’re one of my favourite type of brushes to use €10
2. 010 a small precise blending brush great for detailed blending €10
3. the double ended foundation & concealer brush, because, well…. its handy and its 2 brushes for the price of 1!:)

Check them out, & watch out for their upcoming DELUXE SET, which Im sure Ill be filling you in on!:)

For more information & an application form for their upcoming PRO DISCOUNT email an pop ‘PRO DISCOUNT’ in the subject box!




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