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Louis Vuitton Plus Size Torture?

If you remember my last blog about Louis Vuitton, you will remember it being about their FABULOUS Autumn/Winter catwalk show. Well this blog is no exception! Their catwalk was far from conventional, and when the crowds entered they seated around a circular room with a canvas tube curtain in the centre of the room. As everyone settled down the curtain was raised and the fun began.

What lay underneath was an, ironically, PLUS SIZE white carousel. It consisted of numerous horses with models spread throughout it. The collection was beautiful, not visually spectacular, however the colours were soft,understated and elegant. Basket & frosted see through bags with feather & ‘cut out’ dresses with even the odd parasol for either that rain shower, or sunny spell. White and washed out pale pastel took over the catwalk while shiney leather mules & sandles(All heels) stompted their way PAINFULLY around the circular walkway.

Why do I put stress on the word painfully? Well normally the shoes never fit the models. Nearly always being a size or 3 too small, however, this year Louis Vuitton took it to a whole other level. They GLUED the shoes to the modles feet. Yes. I typed right, and you read right. They were worried about the shoes coming off, but also about the models sounding like horses trotting. Check out the feet as the models strut their stuff and notice not even their heels lift off the shoes when they walk. The only disappointment of the show? Kate Moss walking around like she’s just left a club and she doesn’t want the paps to see her oversized pupils.

Check out their latest Spring Summer 2012 collection.





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