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Eclat Matissime… Perfection at last?

So with Spring approaching it brings with it, the usual new make up collections with brights, pastels & overall funness, but also bring with it an army of new foundations on the market. MATTE foundations are huge this time of year, with many people suffering from oily skin. Tell tale signs? Large pores, excess oil, greasy patches after applying foundation. However, if you steer more in the dry skin area, these are generally foundations to steer clear from. Being quite blunt… I hate mattifying foundation. If you’re oily…… Use a powder. Easier to control the amount, whereas a mattifying foundation soak up any sebum(Skins natural oil) it can find, giving a think, cakey, powdery look to the skin. Suffocating & drying the skin.

Well….. All of that is about to end with the launch of what is claimed to be a mattifying foundation like no other. A mattifying foundation, that leaves the skin glowing with radience…..? This doesnt sound right?

Givenchy Eclat Mitissime (plus powder)
Givenchy Eclat Matissime (plus powder)

Givenchy’s Eclat Matissime – This is a follow-up to Givenchy’s popular compact ‘Matissime’ powder foundation with SPF(Also pictured above). Giving the popularity of Givenchy’s previous foundations, they seemed to take their time creating this one, making sure it ticked all the boxes(Like Photoperfexion & Photoperfexion Light) but also did the job of a true mattifying foundation. It also has an SPF20 and is enriched with active ingredients (Ginger & Cinamon) with skin cleansing effects to reduce pore size & smooth skin texture. This also aids to eliminate impurities that accumulate through excessive make-up applications. It contains ZINC with controls the amount of sebum that the foundation soaks up, only activating when there is excessive sebum on the skin rather that soaking up all of it. It’s not your typical Matte foundation as it is light on the skin, non cakey, buildable and leaves you with a glow. Applies great, looks fab & last throughout the day! I’ve tested & tried it on a multitude of people ranging in combination skin to very oily skin & combination skin with dry patches and I am reluctant to say, its one of my favcourite foundations on the market to date! Nicholas Degennes(Creator) is a genius! It is a lightweight buildable foundation & skincare product in one. You can catch the ever stunning Liv Tyler in their visuals for the campaign.

The foundation is availble for trial & to buy in Debenhams Henry Street(Dublin), Cork, Limerick & Belfast or online

Watch out for reviews on other upcoming mattifying foundations including Lancome & Chanel.





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