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So after the few years of hype & speculation since cosmetic giants Estée Lauder(Owners & operators  of MAC) swiped Smashbox from Cofri Cosmetics everyone has been waiting to hear whats next for Smashbox? Will it be the new MAC? Not will but when is it going to go huge? Surely Estée Lauder will have the funds to really bring this brand where it deserves to go with advertising etc?



Well last weekend Smashbox employees got latest news.

Estée Lauder will be closing down its Smashbox counters in Debenhams stores around Ireland & the UK. They will also be closed down in other department stores around Ireland with the only one in the City Centre staying open being Arnotts. The company has been running at a loss for some time now and are struggling to keep it a viable company. They will be keeping it mainly in pharmacies for the foreseeable future.

All is not lost just yet however, as Estée Lauder are now taking a short period to see whether they can keep some of the counters open and make then a viable income for the giants, but unfortunately it doesn’t look too good right now.

Stay tuned for more info!





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