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More than a VOICE… Fauve Chapman…

So normally I don’t get into the nitty gritty of interviews and gossip etc. but I had to delve slightly in Fauve Chapman, as a friend, talent singer & talented Make Up Artist! Fauve answers a few question for us here:

– Is singing something you’ve always done? Or has it led from something else?

   I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. My dad owned an irish pub in Lanzarote so I’d always get up and sing a song with him! 

Whats your favourite song to sing? Why?

   At the moment I’m loving Lana del Rey’s Video Games. Her version is very sexy but I think I show a bit more vulnerability to the song!

-Whats your favourite song to listen to? Why?

  I wouldnt have your usual taste in music. I love a lot of singer songwriter and bands that not a lot of people would have heard of. At the moment I can’t get enough of Angus and Julia Stone’s Big Jet Plane!

– Were you nervous about ‘Team Sharon’s’ show?

Some days I was more nervous then others! But I just hoped on the day of the live show to have a good day where I just got out there to have fun and be me! 

– Whats Sharon like as a mentor?

Sharon is so great to have as a mentor! I couldnt have been happier to be on team sharon! She really cares about her acts and wanted to get the best out of all of us! 

– How do you not drool standing in front of Bressie!?

It’s very hard indeed! But when I’m up there singing its very hard to concentrate on anything else!! 

– How did you get into makeup?

 It was actually my mother that told me to go for the makeup course! She thought I had a flare for it! Plus all my friends would get me to do their make up b4 nights out so I thought why not!! 

– Top 3 make up must haves in your handbag?

Oh gloss for sure!!! a good powder aannndddd…..I’m going to say blusher!! always need a touch up to look naturally rosy and fresh! 

– Hope for the future?

The future? good question…Well hopefully a record deal! haha! But if that doesnt work out maybe a journalism/media course! I love the buzz on set and behind the scenes!! Think it might just suit me!! 

Lets check out Fauve final performance on The Voice stage…

You can follow Fauve on twitter by clicking —–>HERE<—– & her youtube account by clicking





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