All things makeup & fabulous!


                                         So again, this wouldn’t be something I’d normally blog about, but sitting in Starbucks in a suit and tie on a gorgeous day sipping a frappaccino made me feel like I should write a script. . . Or a book? But seeing as I have no plans or patience to do either, I thought I’d pay respect to my favourite coffee house in the world!

                                                      In many ways it links up with everything I do. Its really part of the growing cosmopolitan(oh I’d love one) Ireland that drinks americanos, white mochas and my personal favourite caramel coffee based frappaccinos! Maybe stopping in for your daily ‘fix’, or to kill time before a makeup appointment or to kill time after work before meeting someone. . . . What did we do before?

                                                           Like everthing, times are getting harder and pockets are getting tighter, yet, we still manage a little splurge on, not the finer, but the cosmopoltian things in life. The same goes for makeup? Is it a treat? Is it something we need? Or have we just moved on to this being the norm? Not to even think twice? This isnt a rant. More of an observation. Who am I to complain while sipping on my frappaccino and fixing my face before I left my makeup counter?

                               Ah ces’t la vie!

                                          DJ x



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