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Modern day ARTDECO…

So Art deco, was brought about in the 1920’s in Paris with its eclectic style and artistic design….. And in the 1930’s it spread internationally…… And who has very clearly taken the crown of the ARTDECO Queens? Zee GERMANS of course? Ok, so, maybe not in life, or in the ‘Art Deco’ sense…….. but Certainly in the ARTDECO sense! Confused? Me too…….


ARTDECO is Germanys number 1 cosmetics brand, bringing a wealth of colour, innovations & must haves to the market. This brand is in every sense ‘art deco’ however a trend setter too. Its not its first time in Ireland as it was originally classed as a ‘mass makeup’ brand like L’Oreal, Mx Factor & Rimmel, and you would find it down the back of the department stores. However, move over counters Artdeco is back & landing with a bang as a fully fledged counter! Taking over from Smashbox in Debenhams stores across Ireland, Chloe Enterprises(Artdeco’s Irish owners) plan to reintroduce the people to this fantastic brand and remind them why the Germans are well known for not doing things by halves!

Have a feel around the counter the products look fantastic, feel fantastic and perform amazing, considering they are still at a ‘mass makeup’ price range!

The eyeshadows(Aswell as their lipsticks), are fantastic, great pigment and are in abundance of colours, & with their magnetic palette system you can pick and choose and swap as much as you like, with the shadows ranging from €6! Move over Inglot!

Another product which caught my eye and sent me head over heels was the ‘All in One Manicure’, this is what the ARTDECO have to say;

“All in One Manicure combines peeling and effective hand care in one product. It gently removes excess skin and cuticles. Your hands will smell exotically fresh. Precious jojoba, almond, orange, grape- and apricot-seed oils provide your hands with a sensual suppleness.”

This is what I have to say;


I haven’t had a great deal of time to play with these products yet, but from what I have I LOVE THEM! Im DYING to get them out on the workforce and under the watchful eye of the camera! And with collections from the likes of Dita Von Tease…. Artdeco can only be heading one direction….





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  1. kiara

    Wow mister dJason i never seen your blog/website its amazing pal go u x x love kiara

    May 21, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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