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Bronzed or Brown = Boom or Bust!

So it is that fabulous time of year again, where we are SUPPOSED to have loads of sun, days by the sea and gorgeous glowing skin! And as usual it’s all gone down the drainpipe along with all the rain & flooding, so as per the Irish norm we seek out alternatives, in fake tan, sunbeds & bronzers. Fake tan is unfortunately not my forté, however me & bronzers go waaaaaaay back. Ever since the dawn of my realization of their existence, me & bronzers have fought, argued, been thrown against walls and very scarcely made up. We were like that relationship you have with that best friends friend, that brothers wife, that friends husband….. You put up with each other, but dont actually;

A) like each other

or B) get along.

For a long time I’ve strived to find the perfect all round bronzer that can bronze but also double as a contour kit, and finally after year of fighting, I think we’ve actually found something in common!

Here’s my top 5 bronzers to get your tanning mits on this summer to get the summer glow, and not the poo brown!( Sorry it’s early, and to be honest…. well… Enough said…)

1. Givenchy’s Croisiere – Now you can say what you want, but without being biased this is my favorite bronzers I have ever used! Not actually called a bronzer but a ‘Healthy Glow Powder’ this powder actually starts off as a gel, and is cast into its packaging & baked for some hours until transformed totally to a compact powder. Its ultra silky, talc free, lightweight texture is perfect to wear over foundation, or because of its origins and a gel, let it melt back into a gel on the skin alone for a natural bronzed glow, and layer for definition. Its the pricier of my top 5 but well worth a try if you’ve had more bust than boom with Bronzers! I challenge you not to love this product! €45.50 @ Debenhams Henry St. Dublin, Patrick Street Cork & Limerick or online at


2. Faces Cosmetics Bronzing Powder – Faces Cosmetics is one of my all time favorite crossover brands. And by crossover, I mean professional performance, handbag price. Faces cosmetics do an amazing range of colours in their face powders which can be used as an uber personalised bronzer, or you can go with their aptly titled ‘Bronzing Podwer’ range. This range offers a multitude of shades, also including a ‘duo'(Pictured above) which has dark & light halves, to highlight & bronze or to carry you all year round, even when we’re that bit more see through in the winter! Another plus is that the packaging is refillable, so when you run our, or throw it at someone on a night out, you don’t fork out the full amount the first time once you still have your compact. (Price €23 – Available from Faces Cosmetics, Pavillions SC Swords.)


3. MakeUp ForEver Matt Bronze & Sculpting Kits –  MakeUp ForEver is probably one of the leading professional crossover brands in the world, another one of my favorites. With a huge array of colours, make up forever is perfect for the palest shades of see through & and the darkest shades of brown on the market, and their MATT BRONZE range is no exception. This fabulous range comes in a multitude of colour and is a perfect companion for someone seeking less of a glow and more of a bronze, while staying natural and not orange! Their sculpting kit is another must have for any MUA, its a matt hightlight & Bronzer in one compact perfect for shoots, shows or yourself! (Prices to Follow Available from MakeUp ForEver boutique Clarendon Street, Dublin 2.

4. Essence Sun Club – This is a fabulous credit crunch alternative to our other bronzer, and don’t let the ‘credit crunch’ put you off, this bronzer may be low priced but packs a punch! Its ultrasilky, matt and very natural, only downside is the colour selection, uber plus side? It smells like suncream!:) Great to throw in the handbag for nights out instead of your favourite! (Price – €4-5 – Available in Pennys, Dunnes Stores, and some Pharmacies)

5. Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls –  These are one of Avon hot shot products, with a blush and highlight version of them, these pearls the are addictive! They come in a pot, and have a selection of bronzed, warm, and highlighting pearl sized compacted balls of powder. Dust the brush along them and sweep across the face for a glowing bronzed look!

PROS- Fabulous finish and easy to work with;

CONS- Can be too dark for paler then pale skin, and if you drop the pot, its like a load of miniture ping pong balls….EVERYWHERE! ( Price- €12.75 (But often on special, available from your local rep, go to to find your nearest, or drop a comment and Ill find one for you!)

So that is my rundown of some of my favourite bronzers to get trying this summer! Any swatch requests? Drop them in the comment box! Hope its helpful!:)




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