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The Aviva Goes GAGA for GAGA!

Check out some snaps from Lady GaGa’s latest installation of ‘The Born This Way Ball’ in our very own Aviva Stadium on Saturday! Mother Monster sang an array of songs from her lastest album along with some of her classics like ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ and others but opening the show with ‘Government Hooker’ after arriving Paraded in on a large horse with flag Barers with the flags baring the title G.O.A.T.(Government Owned Alien Territory), & closed the show with ‘Marry The Night’ after taking 6 fans from ‘The Monster Pit’ onstage to share a bottle of Jameson with her before she sang. She had her usual array of costume changes which included a meat dress, a Thierry Mugler piece, a motorbike, a moving wedding dress and what looked like a Christian Louboutin & Moschino combo in black and gold! GaGa had the usual madness set also which included her now famed BTWB Castle, a floating head, giant poeple mincers & even a giant vagina giving birth! Check out the snaps below, and if you were there let us know!










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