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Out with the Old, In with the Cold!

So its definitely come to that time of year again ladies, put the sandals away,put away the string tops and break out the layers! For the past few weeks we’ve be seeing the new trends, which are notably different to what we’re wearing yet we refuse to give up our summer wardrobe, simply because…… Well… We didn’t have a summer?

But the time has come, Especially with the rain setting in, to make the change, to what I think is the best time of year for fashion! Get out the boots, the scarves, the woolies, the leather and pile it up! The leading winter buy this year? A good pair of boots! And leading the runway for the Autumn/winter trend was Givenchy’s Sleeved knee length boot, by Ricardo Tisci, which has seen a rake of Celebs wearing them! What will be your winter buy?

Dont forget to enter out competition for some Givenchy Freebies!:)




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