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Exclusive Giveaway!

L'argent Celeste & L'or Celeste

L’argent Celeste & L’or Celeste

Yes, it’s one of my favorites again…. Givenchy! These 2 are from the “Contes de Noel” Christmas collection. Another limited edition exclusive! These are a beautifully crafted fine loose powder with a gold(L’or) & silver(L’argent) sparkle so fine & lightly scented. Perfect for this Christmas season, for face, hair, body, clothes, anywhere your like! I’ll be giving one of each of these beauties away to celebrate my favorite time of year, the lead up to Christmas, & also the re-election of Obama for putting a but more sparkle in the world! 🙂 All you have to do is leave a comment on my DJsMakeUp facebook page and tell me why you need a little sparkle in your life! Keep it, funny, serious, stage or weird, but try and keep it PG… or at least 12’s! 😛

Check out the rest of the “Contes de Noel” collection below or for Real at any local Givenchy counter!

Contes de Noel



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