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GAGA & PEREZ at War?


So the twittersphere has gone INSANE in the last few hours over the feud that is Lady gaga & Perez Hilton. Ex-BFF’s are tearing each other apart on twitter! It’s not 100% apparent on what exactly has gone awry between the high profile pair, however whatever it is seems serious. Both are branding each other liars! GAGA saying that Perez is stalking her and had be sending her psychotic messages….image


while camp PEREZ says that Gaga is a liar, and has not only stabbed him in the back but walked all over people that work for her, and many other artist….. This is better than Eastenders!



Could this all be over Perez publicizing negative views on GAGA’s new single ‘Applause’ suggesting the artist has lost her touch? Is Gaga being overly sensitive or is Perez gone back to his old nasty ways??(Didnt he ever really leave them?)

Check out all the drama live on Twitter!


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