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RTE Fails as Aengus Blooper Goes Viral… & Kimmel!

Poor poor Aengus! Unfortunately Stateside tv favorite Jimmy Kimmel got his sights on RTE’s most recent blooper & couldn’t resist bestowing Aengus with an honorable award, which the audience got as much laughs out of as we did, however, he did compliment him also! New career aspects…. Aengus goes stateside? We’ll wait for his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres!




RTE Bloopers: Aengus MacGrianna

So poor oul Aengus got caught beautifying himself live on camera? Could be worse Aengus…. Ya coulda been fixing yourself! But you clearly didn’t get to see my blog on Bronzers?

The big boys at RTE have been SLOWLY on the ball blocking the content from youtube… Slowly because it had in excess of 170,000 hits before it was blocked!

But here it is again for you all to enjoy! See….. The really are just like me and you! Only REALLLLLY vain!


Louis Vuitton Plus Size Torture?

If you remember my last blog about Louis Vuitton, you will remember it being about their FABULOUS Autumn/Winter catwalk show. Well this blog is no exception! Their catwalk was far from conventional, and when the crowds entered they seated around a circular room with a canvas tube curtain in the centre of the room. As everyone settled down the curtain was raised and the fun began.

What lay underneath was an, ironically, PLUS SIZE white carousel. It consisted of numerous horses with models spread throughout it. The collection was beautiful, not visually spectacular, however the colours were soft,understated and elegant. Basket & frosted see through bags with feather & ‘cut out’ dresses with even the odd parasol for either that rain shower, or sunny spell. White and washed out pale pastel took over the catwalk while shiney leather mules & sandles(All heels) stompted their way PAINFULLY around the circular walkway.

Why do I put stress on the word painfully? Well normally the shoes never fit the models. Nearly always being a size or 3 too small, however, this year Louis Vuitton took it to a whole other level. They GLUED the shoes to the modles feet. Yes. I typed right, and you read right. They were worried about the shoes coming off, but also about the models sounding like horses trotting. Check out the feet as the models strut their stuff and notice not even their heels lift off the shoes when they walk. The only disappointment of the show? Kate Moss walking around like she’s just left a club and she doesn’t want the paps to see her oversized pupils.

Check out their latest Spring Summer 2012 collection.




Steve Jobs Passes Aged 56.

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder(1976), Chairman & former CEO of APPLE INC. has passed away at the age of 56 only shortly after stepping down as CEO of the company. When he made the decision he stated;

“I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.”

This was amongst speculation as photos of Jobs were released of him looking very frail.

Jobs leaves behind his wife, son, 3 daughters & a legacy that has changed the world.

I think there’s very few people that haven’t been affected by what he did, as even if people never used an apple device, they set the standard for devices all over the world and all would not have been possible without his creative genius.

APPLE's Tribute.

APPLE's Brief words.




Olsen Twins & Rihanna… Pink Eye or….. Bang on Trend?

So there’s been a flurry of bloggers blogging about this recently and over the last few months. Many of them have been slamming the look on many celebrities branding it as a look that works on nobody and is… well… Horrible?



Red Eyeliner, is it really all that bad?

I really love this look. I think it’s different a really edgy and is right on trend with a number of make up houses bringing out coloured mascara (Brands like Make Up Forever & Rimmel) & matching eyeliner. Obviously the look will suit some better than others, but like anything, if you’re gonna do it… Commit to it and rock it… BUT Be careful not make it too messy. It’s certainly not a look to throw on while running out the door as your may leave yourself looking like you’re suffering from a severe case of ‘Pink Eye’.

Red eyeliner from the Altuzarra Runway & also Rihanna Rocking the look.

So jurys in for me and I LOVE IT!

If you’d like us to pop up a demo pic of the look leave us a comment or drop us an email at



PS> WAtch out for our follow up review on a REVOLUTIONARY skin care product.

Elevators… By Louis Vuitton?

Ok so this isn’t exactly a make up inspired entry, although I do love their 60’s inspired ‘banane’ look in their most recent campaign(Pictured below), but check out Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 fashion show…. One of my favs!

60’s ‘Banane’


Late Oxegen Update!

Updates Updates Updates!!!!! Well I am possibly the worst blogger going………… I can’t seem to find a few mins to get my brain to spew but right now…… SPEW IT WILL!!!!

Oxegen 2011 was AMAZING! Unfortunately I couldn’t keep updating as we had a MAJORLY busy weekend, but no worries folks…. I played as hard as I worked!!:) A full weekend full of celebs, makeup, hair products, mud & music! Highlight? Doing the ever fabulous KE$HA’s makeup….. A little scared  at first, hearing the stories, seeing the pictures and then being greeted at her door by a monstrous 75 ft bodyguard, then finally walking through the door and seeing a fresh faced stunning young lady sitting across a small 2 seater and next…? THE BEST AIR KISS EVER!

On Stage(Pics care of Peter Neill -

Definitely don’t believe everything you read or hear as this girl is soooooooo nice! She even asked me to be her giant dancing penis!! Watch out for her tour DVD too… As her bro was with her recording everything! So you hear of the bus breakdown ordeal & Some CRAZY KE$HA haircuts that we got s sneak preview of! Follow her on twitter!