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My 2 Cents!

So I know I’ve dissapeared for the last few months and havent had an recent posts lately but I’m back!

I’ve recently made the big move to LDN(London for those not in the know) and and dying to give my 2 cents(or pence for us in the Uk) on current make up trends, catwalk trends….. and fashion bloggers that suddenly decide to give make up tutorials?!

So whats got you all excited like a schoolgirl this season? Whats your must have for your make up bag? Whats your favourite cross over product from summer to autumn…. And whats your take on those pesky fashion bloggers trying to put their figers in other peoples pies!? Ill be blogging about some Autumn Winter Make Up collections launched exclusively at Harrods and filling you in and whats hot and whats not!

First up will of course be a look at the Givenchy Autumn/Winter Couture make up collection(And the new foundation Tient Couture which launched exclusively at Harrods today!) which will be make its way to stores soon!



Eclat Matissime… Perfection at last?

So with Spring approaching it brings with it, the usual new make up collections with brights, pastels & overall funness, but also bring with it an army of new foundations on the market. MATTE foundations are huge this time of year, with many people suffering from oily skin. Tell tale signs? Large pores, excess oil, greasy patches after applying foundation. However, if you steer more in the dry skin area, these are generally foundations to steer clear from. Being quite blunt… I hate mattifying foundation. If you’re oily…… Use a powder. Easier to control the amount, whereas a mattifying foundation soak up any sebum(Skins natural oil) it can find, giving a think, cakey, powdery look to the skin. Suffocating & drying the skin.

Well….. All of that is about to end with the launch of what is claimed to be a mattifying foundation like no other. A mattifying foundation, that leaves the skin glowing with radience…..? This doesnt sound right?

Givenchy Eclat Mitissime (plus powder)
Givenchy Eclat Matissime (plus powder)

Givenchy’s Eclat Matissime – This is a follow-up to Givenchy’s popular compact ‘Matissime’ powder foundation with SPF(Also pictured above). Giving the popularity of Givenchy’s previous foundations, they seemed to take their time creating this one, making sure it ticked all the boxes(Like Photoperfexion & Photoperfexion Light) but also did the job of a true mattifying foundation. It also has an SPF20 and is enriched with active ingredients (Ginger & Cinamon) with skin cleansing effects to reduce pore size & smooth skin texture. This also aids to eliminate impurities that accumulate through excessive make-up applications. It contains ZINC with controls the amount of sebum that the foundation soaks up, only activating when there is excessive sebum on the skin rather that soaking up all of it. It’s not your typical Matte foundation as it is light on the skin, non cakey, buildable and leaves you with a glow. Applies great, looks fab & last throughout the day! I’ve tested & tried it on a multitude of people ranging in combination skin to very oily skin & combination skin with dry patches and I am reluctant to say, its one of my favcourite foundations on the market to date! Nicholas Degennes(Creator) is a genius! It is a lightweight buildable foundation & skincare product in one. You can catch the ever stunning Liv Tyler in their visuals for the campaign.

The foundation is availble for trial & to buy in Debenhams Henry Street(Dublin), Cork, Limerick & Belfast or online

Watch out for reviews on other upcoming mattifying foundations including Lancome & Chanel.




Vogue- Androgynous or just plain Cross-Dressing?

After days upon days of scowering the internet for videos, pics, adverts for the f/w 2011/2012 collections fashion houses around the world……. I came upon an ingenious edition of Vogue, in which they include a DVD? A first for Vogue in which they include catwalk trends straight from London, Paris Milan & New York… This is not all…. It also includes interviews with designers and members of the creative teams involved! HUGE LOVAGE!

A huge reoccurring theme across all catwalks and that on the pages of Vogue’s catwalk report is Androgyny…….?

Dolce & Gabbana fm 2011 Campaign

Dolce & Gabbana fm 2011 Campaign

A trend not new to us, but one many find hard to trickle down to their wardrobe & makeup bag…. Where is the line between Androgyny & cross-dressing? Here, we share our top tips for getting that structured androgynous catwalk look….. without having people check out your ‘package’.


  • making sure of an all over even complexion is a must & false tan is a MUST NOT. This look worst best when on paler porcelain skin.
  • when contouring keep it more defined to get that sharp sculpt, and a more taupe coloured matte powder works best for a more severe “I’m still a lady” look. Come slightly more into the apple of the cheek than you would normally for that truly structured look.
  • instead of a blush opt for a creamy matte eyeshadow, lighter than your own skin colour, to naturally highlight the apple of the cheek & the cheekbone to add a bit of femininity into the mix.
  • with the eyes, you can keep the girlie. Opt for darker colours, mainly black(possibly adding some deep red for colour), and avoid filling the lashes. Either keep them nude or simply tint them with mascara rather than going for full, long lashes or ‘spider legs’. Also avoid using a sharp line on the eye and opt. for the more subtle smudge.
  • fill in the eyebrows. Depending on the severity of androgyny you wish to achieve, make them nice structured & arched like a 50’s style brow to keep the look a little more girlie… Or to make it a true androgynous look, fill in the brow starting at the middle and fade it out into more of a straight line(Normally this will mean ending it about 3/4’s of the way across & keeping the rest natural). You can do this using a pencil or eyeshadow. Again working with more taupe style colour than warm browns to give that colder f/w look.
  • and to finish off this look, add a nude matte lipstick or one with a hint of gloss(Shine) rather than a shimmer.

Chanel F/W 2011/2012

  • instead of thinking of robbing everything from your boyfriends closet, stand back and think…..? What is your best female attribute from the waist down? Legs? Hips? Waist? Chest? Think, like when your doing your makeup, of one of your best female attributes and work from there. Keep that attribute looking feminine. So generally something fitted and/or structured to pull attention to the area.
  • a single splash of colour amongst greys, Blacks & whites is a great way to stay feminine & steer clear of the cross dressing look.
  • adding a closed collar or ‘polo shirt’ type colour into the mix give it that male edginess.
  • trousers….. Rather than jeans to keep it chic. Your boyfriend jeans are hot but not for this look. The boyfriend jeans should be kept as your ‘dress down’ girlie look. Adding them into the mix could add not only confusion to onlookers but a vary boyish bottom half, leaving you limited space to play with on top.
  • adding a brogue style shoe into the mix will definitely bring out some boyish charm however don’t be afraid to stick with heels. If your sticking with heels either keep em low or go with a boot style for a higher chic look.
  • a fitted jacket or coat is one of the most common androgynous items of clothing. If its a suit jacket…. keep it open, or have a plunged ‘V’ from with low single button closing(This can also be worn oversized). However a military style will look super structured buttoned up, but can also be worn open.

Chanel Spring 2010

  • if its long…… slick it back into a pony-tale keeping the hanging hair poker straight.
  • medium length… As above. Brush it back, and add a wax for texture.
  • Short… Slicked, spiked or structured…..  Play until you find what you like most!
Peace out.

A Little Bit Of MUFE Lovage!

So if you know me, you’ll know that I am a MAKE UP FOR EVER jukie! And am very excited to see their new F/W2011 collection coming out…… And its all about the SMOKEY! So one of my favourite mascara’s I have in my kit is MUFE’s Aqua Smokey….. An amazing waterproof(Great for weddings or anyone that suffers from ‘pissy eye’) mascara as a perfect match for a smokey eye on a night out in Dublintown…… Now they just got better!

MUFE's Smokey Lash Coleur Collection

Now they come in 4 new colours(Or couleurs as the Parisians would say)!Plum, brown, blue & green… Get creative this coming season, just because its not summer, doesn’t mean you have to loose all colour! Check out the rest of the collection below!

MUFE Couleur Collection Fall 2011

MUFE boats some of the BEST pigments, foundations, waterproof & prefessional makeup on the Irish market to date & if you haven’t already is definitely worth check out on their Clarendon Street boutique!

Check out their website… MUFE IRELAND


Yes yes yes! So if not you, then your mum, your auntie, your granny or someone you know will remember the slogan and also the advert if came from…. Glamorous lady knocking on the door with the little gloves? ITS THE AVON LADY!

Avon Lady

Avon Lady

1960 Avon calling advert1960 Avon calling advert

So one of the more taboo makeup brands that I feel some makeup enthusiasts are afraid to approach….. Claiming that they are of inferior quality to others, or that ‘I once tried their foundation and no lie, like, I totally swelled up like a balloon…. I’m allergic to Avon…’. Yet……. They aren’t as keen on completely slamming ‘Top’ brands after they’ve had a reaction to one of their products even thought they swear by 7 of their other ones…. It’s simply brushed off as an ingredient in that particular shade or cream etc… However, only recently I’ve been able to dabble with some of the Avon products and have… Well….. Fallen head over heels! Not only that, but I’ve learned a bit about their incredible 125 year history……………………

One of the most fascinating things I’ve learned about Avon is that of it’s million dollar research centre in the states, where, it not only lives and breaths make up and skincare products, but also creates some of the best loved technologies found in skincare and make up products across numerous brands on the market to date. Avon has a lot to boast about over it’s 125 year history, it being the first cosmetic company to stop testing on animals and its Anew range was the first mass skincare product to contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid anti-aging technology. ANEW is now a $1-billion-dollar skincare brand, with 2,400 jars sold every hour around the world.

Aside from the cosmetics…. Its also one of the only corporate companies in the world to openly support and speak out against domestic violence and has HUGE link with charities in communities all over the world including right here in Ireland. There’s so much I could say about how they help give back to communities but for now… Lets move onto the best part….. COSMETICS! 🙂

One of the things I like about Avon is that when you open the brochure your looking at a brand but also opening a store…. which in itself has many other ‘sub-brands’. And whats best…. If you don’t like the colour….. Wasn’t the right foundation choice(There’s LOADS to choose from) or you simply just didn’t like the product you got…. Send it back! Avon have a FANTASTIC no quibble, 90 day guarantee!(Just don’t try sending back a half empty bottle of something……!)


Colour & Contour Blush Duo

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

This has quickly become my first choice for blushers! The odd colouring to both colours and shimmer make it a hard contender in the contour race(where my Makeup Forever Sculpting kit stays FIRMLY in the lead), however, it’s ability to rouge using just the blush side or glow by only taking a dip of rouge along with the beige side, along with the shimmer, offer a glamorous dewey glow to the cheeks, and highlight to the cheekbone. It current offer price? €7.50(Normally €10.50) It’s a STEAL!

Magix Face Perfecter

Magix Face Perfector

Another favourite of mine! This primer has a typically silky texture found  amongst many brands of primer. The part that sticks out for me is that it has a unique gel to powder finish, so it dries instantly without drying the skin. Not the only brand to use this type of technology, but one of the lightest ones I’ve felt on the skin. Also boasts an SPF 20. Currently €10(Normally €15).

I’m going to end it here…. FOR NOW……. As it’s late/early? And as I’m now a Region Trainer for the Da Vinci Region of Avon, I’ll be able to keep you right up-to-date with all the new and up-coming products, aswell as some of my other favourite brands! So don’t be afraid of affordable makeup….. EMBRACE IT!

For information about becoming an Avon Rep, or to find a rep in you area and get a brochure you can e-mail, or check out this facebook page(Amoungst many others) or check out the website @

Peace out!



Ello ello ello!

Right so I know I’m always blabbing on about something, but it’s generally because I’m mad about the something in question.

SO….. that being said I’m gonna be posting a few MUST HAVES over the next few weeks. These MUST HAVE will be both practical for makeup bag AND makeup KIT. And Im gonna start with a product I bug EVERYONE about……..



So I know I’m always going on about this but this is my favourite foundation/setting powder of ALL TIME!
All natural, moisturising, sun protecting, water-ressistant(GREAT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR) amazingness! If you can get into Faces CHECK IT OUT!
Its slowly but surely sneaking its way into makeup Artists kits and ladies makeup bags all over Ireland!

And something I always forgot to mention is…… They will do postal orders!:D NO EXCUSE!

They’ve also some exciting new products coming……… All will be revealed on arrival! But for now I shall Leave you to PONDER!
If you catch me out and about with my kit, ask for a try of my SheerGlow! Do it! Don’t be shy! I don’t bite! Unless its viciously early…. Then you might just get a snarl! :S

Also check out Faces FacebookGroup for updates on products, special events, special offers and some upcoming competitions!:D

Also checkout my interview with the gorgeous Suzanne Jackson on her ‘So Sue Me‘ Blog!

The Gorgeous Suzanne Jackson!

What out for more MUST HAVES! There’ll be a hint of my next one on!:D


Some things are best kept a SECRET! ;)

Hello hello hello!!!!!

Im UBER sorry again for taking 10years to post another entry! I’ve been uber busy and still am, I just wanted to squeeze this one in, but there’s still more to follow!

I assisted a shoot the other day with the fabulous Debbie McQuillan from Vanity X at Absolute Studios Dublin. It was a ‘wet look’ shoot and couldn’t have been more fun! The gorgeous and very willing model to brave the ICY(And boy do I mean icy) water was Anne Morgan! So other than to tell you about the shoot and to show you 1 or 2 of the pictures, my main reason for the update was actually for the products! So its that cold time of the year again!! (Very sad times) which is the followed by the snow… which is then followed by the dreaded RAIN!

And the worst thing about the rain? Getting caught in it o your way out on a saturday night with a face full of makeup = DISASTER!

Wouldn’t you love to know the secrets to be able to do this…….

Me pouring water over Anne!

Me pouring water over Anne!

and have your makeup still look like this………..?

Anne in icy cold pool of water!

Anne in icy cold pool of water!

Well HERE is the secret behind the look!

The base is Primer followed by:

*FACES – Cream Perfection
*FACES – Sheer Glow(Water resistant)
*MakeUpForever – HD Powder
(Followed by contouring and blush)

The eyes are the best part! Imagine being able to have a pint thrown over you and still be able to look AMAZING!

MakeUpForever – Aqua Creme white(Base)(WATERPROOF)
MakeUpForever – Aqua Creme Black(Lid)(WATERPROOF)
MakeUpForever – Aqua Black (Lid, Lashes & Liner)(WATERPROOF)—–BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE WORLD!—–

Lips –

Unfortunately……. That secret is just TOOOO Good to give away!:D:P

Hope this help you get through the horrible rain!!!!

Thanks again for reading!:)


Photographer: Absolute Studios Dublin Website
Model : Anne Morgan
MakeUp : Vanity X- Debbie McQuillan(Assisted by me!) Website