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My 2 Cents!

So I know I’ve dissapeared for the last few months and havent had an recent posts lately but I’m back!

I’ve recently made the big move to LDN(London for those not in the know) and and dying to give my 2 cents(or pence for us in the Uk) on current make up trends, catwalk trends….. and fashion bloggers that suddenly decide to give make up tutorials?!

So whats got you all excited like a schoolgirl this season? Whats your must have for your make up bag? Whats your favourite cross over product from summer to autumn…. And whats your take on those pesky fashion bloggers trying to put their figers in other peoples pies!? Ill be blogging about some Autumn Winter Make Up collections launched exclusively at Harrods and filling you in and whats hot and whats not!

First up will of course be a look at the Givenchy Autumn/Winter Couture make up collection(And the new foundation Tient Couture which launched exclusively at Harrods today!) which will be make its way to stores soon!




                                         So again, this wouldn’t be something I’d normally blog about, but sitting in Starbucks in a suit and tie on a gorgeous day sipping a frappaccino made me feel like I should write a script. . . Or a book? But seeing as I have no plans or patience to do either, I thought I’d pay respect to my favourite coffee house in the world!

                                                      In many ways it links up with everything I do. Its really part of the growing cosmopolitan(oh I’d love one) Ireland that drinks americanos, white mochas and my personal favourite caramel coffee based frappaccinos! Maybe stopping in for your daily ‘fix’, or to kill time before a makeup appointment or to kill time after work before meeting someone. . . . What did we do before?

                                                           Like everthing, times are getting harder and pockets are getting tighter, yet, we still manage a little splurge on, not the finer, but the cosmopoltian things in life. The same goes for makeup? Is it a treat? Is it something we need? Or have we just moved on to this being the norm? Not to even think twice? This isnt a rant. More of an observation. Who am I to complain while sipping on my frappaccino and fixing my face before I left my makeup counter?

                               Ah ces’t la vie!

                                          DJ x


Givenchy Spring/Summer Collection to Hit Debenhams Henry Street Today!

So, Givenchy’s Spring Summer Collection is Launching tomorrow in Debenhams Henry Street, Ireland. Their will be no glitz or glam event, but their will be flash makeover’s all day in store by myself! If you have never tried Givenchy before, or are an avid fan, get down and check it out!

Instant Bucolique
Instant Bucolique

Each of the products are limited edition only, so when they’re gone… They’re gone, and their is a waiting list for the blushers already! An interesting fact is that both the face powder ‘Le Prisme Visage Bucolique’ & the 2 blushers ‘Le Prisme Blush Bucolique’ have the same amount of pigment and product is all compacts, however, no 2 are visually the same?

Instant Bucolique
Instant Bucolique



Ultra Retro Chic for Givenchy’s Summer!

Since I’ve started using Givenchy products I’ve had loads of time to play around with them and even more time to fall in love with them. And whats even better is that every season, like the fashion end, there is a new collection to reflect the style of the catwalks. After seeing their Spring/Summer collection last year, I’ve been DYING to get my hands on this years one to play with it! And after weeks of waiting, its here(well, not on sale for another few days).

Instant Bucolique
Instant Bucolique Visual

The collection takes inspiration from the normal summer pastels & brights, however all this is paired with something slightly different this year….. A RED lip? Yes… I know what you’re thinking, and believe me, I thought the same at first. However, this red is not just red. It is POPPY-red. So it keeps its summeriness with an orange hue through the red, to give it that softer floral look. They also carry through a trend seen on the Autumn/Winter catwalk by creating a matching Nail Polish to the lippy.  This chic, retro inspired collection is called “Instant Bucolique”.

Collection consists of 2 Blushers, an all over face powder, an Eyeshadow quad, a Lippy, Full Colour gloss & a nail varnish.
Collection consists of 2 Blushers, an all over face powder, an Eyeshadow quad, a Lippy, Full Colour gloss & a nail varnish.

One thing that really shines through in this collection, is Givenchy’s keenness to keep, like its fashion, practical, on trend & FUN!

The collection will go on sale at Debenhams Henry Street later this week.

If you suffer from oily skin, keep posted for our preview review of Givenchy’s new ECLAT MATISSIME mattifying foundation. A mattifying foundation like no other!




A Skincare Product Like No Other?

Ok, so I’ve decided to do my FIRST ‘Test Feed’ on my blog….. (We’ll obviously it’s my blog otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?). And I’ve decided to but a product that I’m particularly excited about to the test…… Its name?


Anew Genics to be precise. And where do we recognise that brand name from? None other than Avon. Anew is a 1 BILLION DOLLAR skincare brand in itself. And its most recent skincare breakthrough which according to it’s CEO, Andrea Jung, is 20 years in the making whereas the adverts say 10…. Either way I’m impressed. Here is a short clip talking about the products and its advances in technology:

So as you can see here, the claims made by Avon are quite serious, so I’ve decided to put it to the test!  So this is what they say…

In 3 Days: Deep wrinkles look plumped
In 2 Weeks: Dramatically reduces the look of age spots and discolourations
And In 8 Weeks: TAKES UP TO 10 YEARS OFF YOUR LOOK.(Baring in mind that if I looked 10 years younger I might actually look my age for once!)

The Genics product I’ll be using? The Treatment Concentrate. A serum up to 2x stronger than the Treatment Cream and also available on the market. I’ll be taking & posting some pics to document my trial. So here goes the first few!

Me(Slightly worse for wear & very much so pre Genics!)My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)



My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)


ANEW Genics Packaging.

ANEW Genics Unboxed.

So I’ve applied the concentrate to my lovely cleansed face, have let it set for a few mins, and followed it using my moisturiser (Also ANEW – Thremafirm.).

So thats all for now! I’ll reapply in the morning and repeat for 3days and report back! And then carry on!

Hopefully my speed-bumps will be less noticeable next time you see that mush! If anyone would like to PRE order genics Treatment Cream or Concentrate(And receive a free luxury bag with free skincare tailored to your age) email or go to


Elevators… By Louis Vuitton?

Ok so this isn’t exactly a make up inspired entry, although I do love their 60’s inspired ‘banane’ look in their most recent campaign(Pictured below), but check out Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 fashion show…. One of my favs!

60’s ‘Banane’


Ireland AM in the 50’s?

Check out the video of the gorgeous Compton girls modeling some Vintage inspired outfits by NW3, Fenn Wright Mason, Marc Cain, Reiss, T Tahari & Hobbs from Arnotts. Styled by Courtney Smith. Hair & makeup by me & Ciara(Vanity X Make Up).

Ireland AM

Click Here to watch!