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RIP to the Avon Lady

Today on the 8th of April, 2013, Avon cosmetics ceased trading in Ireland. They say that its part of cost cutting measures  to insure the growth and sustainability of the firm. Avon founder David H. McConnell would be turning in his grave, as he himself, although born in the states, was son of and Irish mother & father. He was one of the first to help women establish themselves as workers when he started the California Perfume Company in 1886 which later became known as Avon 1932.

In Ireland Avon had roughly 9000 reps across the country who were known as ‘Avon Ladies’ (I was even an Avon Lady for a period of time!). And contrary to popular belief many people, earned greatly from this position. For many people, women especially, this put food on the table, clothes on their families back, paid for their kids through school & in some cases was the only source of income. Many Buisness Developers had set up thriving businesses to distribute to their vast teams, and in some cases….. this job was the only time they could socialize, and they often became well known faces & pillars of support for women in their community, & were also keen fundraisers for Breast cancer charities & more throughout the country.

In 2010 Avon recorded annual sales of $10.8 billion worldwide, all of which could not have been possible without hard work women & few ‘good men’, and unfortunately it seems greed has won out over what the company stands for in their most recent cost cutting attempt to ensure bigger growth, Avon is seeking global savings of $400m (€307m) between now and 2016. A quote today from the firms CEO Sheri McCoy said “We continue to work aggressively toward turning around the business,” & “The steps outlined today take us closer to our cost-savings goal. At the same time, we remain focused on continuing to streamline the business and driving top-line growth.” 

My thoughts are with all the ladies a few good men that lost their jobs today & hope that the Irish Avon family stay strong for each other over the coming months.



The Message on their site today

The Message on their site today


Bronzed or Brown = Boom or Bust!

So it is that fabulous time of year again, where we are SUPPOSED to have loads of sun, days by the sea and gorgeous glowing skin! And as usual it’s all gone down the drainpipe along with all the rain & flooding, so as per the Irish norm we seek out alternatives, in fake tan, sunbeds & bronzers. Fake tan is unfortunately not my forté, however me & bronzers go waaaaaaay back. Ever since the dawn of my realization of their existence, me & bronzers have fought, argued, been thrown against walls and very scarcely made up. We were like that relationship you have with that best friends friend, that brothers wife, that friends husband….. You put up with each other, but dont actually;

A) like each other

or B) get along.

For a long time I’ve strived to find the perfect all round bronzer that can bronze but also double as a contour kit, and finally after year of fighting, I think we’ve actually found something in common!

Here’s my top 5 bronzers to get your tanning mits on this summer to get the summer glow, and not the poo brown!( Sorry it’s early, and to be honest…. well… Enough said…)

1. Givenchy’s Croisiere – Now you can say what you want, but without being biased this is my favorite bronzers I have ever used! Not actually called a bronzer but a ‘Healthy Glow Powder’ this powder actually starts off as a gel, and is cast into its packaging & baked for some hours until transformed totally to a compact powder. Its ultra silky, talc free, lightweight texture is perfect to wear over foundation, or because of its origins and a gel, let it melt back into a gel on the skin alone for a natural bronzed glow, and layer for definition. Its the pricier of my top 5 but well worth a try if you’ve had more bust than boom with Bronzers! I challenge you not to love this product! €45.50 @ Debenhams Henry St. Dublin, Patrick Street Cork & Limerick or online at


2. Faces Cosmetics Bronzing Powder – Faces Cosmetics is one of my all time favorite crossover brands. And by crossover, I mean professional performance, handbag price. Faces cosmetics do an amazing range of colours in their face powders which can be used as an uber personalised bronzer, or you can go with their aptly titled ‘Bronzing Podwer’ range. This range offers a multitude of shades, also including a ‘duo'(Pictured above) which has dark & light halves, to highlight & bronze or to carry you all year round, even when we’re that bit more see through in the winter! Another plus is that the packaging is refillable, so when you run our, or throw it at someone on a night out, you don’t fork out the full amount the first time once you still have your compact. (Price €23 – Available from Faces Cosmetics, Pavillions SC Swords.)


3. MakeUp ForEver Matt Bronze & Sculpting Kits –  MakeUp ForEver is probably one of the leading professional crossover brands in the world, another one of my favorites. With a huge array of colours, make up forever is perfect for the palest shades of see through & and the darkest shades of brown on the market, and their MATT BRONZE range is no exception. This fabulous range comes in a multitude of colour and is a perfect companion for someone seeking less of a glow and more of a bronze, while staying natural and not orange! Their sculpting kit is another must have for any MUA, its a matt hightlight & Bronzer in one compact perfect for shoots, shows or yourself! (Prices to Follow Available from MakeUp ForEver boutique Clarendon Street, Dublin 2.

4. Essence Sun Club – This is a fabulous credit crunch alternative to our other bronzer, and don’t let the ‘credit crunch’ put you off, this bronzer may be low priced but packs a punch! Its ultrasilky, matt and very natural, only downside is the colour selection, uber plus side? It smells like suncream!:) Great to throw in the handbag for nights out instead of your favourite! (Price – €4-5 – Available in Pennys, Dunnes Stores, and some Pharmacies)

5. Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls –  These are one of Avon hot shot products, with a blush and highlight version of them, these pearls the are addictive! They come in a pot, and have a selection of bronzed, warm, and highlighting pearl sized compacted balls of powder. Dust the brush along them and sweep across the face for a glowing bronzed look!

PROS- Fabulous finish and easy to work with;

CONS- Can be too dark for paler then pale skin, and if you drop the pot, its like a load of miniture ping pong balls….EVERYWHERE! ( Price- €12.75 (But often on special, available from your local rep, go to to find your nearest, or drop a comment and Ill find one for you!)

So that is my rundown of some of my favourite bronzers to get trying this summer! Any swatch requests? Drop them in the comment box! Hope its helpful!:)




So the results are in! And by the look at my blog counters at the time of the last post on GENICS there seems to be A LOT of interest in this product in particular….. But now, the moment you’ve all come to my blog for…. THE MUGSHOT! Drum-roll please………….

And no, Genics doesn't make your hair purple... Boredom does!:P

3 Days AFTER Genics.

So after 3 days of using the treatment concentrate I can notice a difference. I found my skin feels better, is slightly brighter & have definitely seen an improvement in my stubborn speedbumps! Check out this side-by-side!

Before & After.

Although small, and you still can see my speedbumps, after 3 days it’s a good sign of things to come if used over a long period of time, or if fully incorporated into your skincare routine. Im going to continue using the product a do another picture review on the 2 week mark! WATCH THIS FACE!

The Genics Range of Products.

Why not click here to flick back to the first Genics post and see if you can see the difference?

Got an opinion? Want to know more? Want us to review a particular product? WANT A SAMPLE OF GENICS? Comment & subscribe to the blog either via wordpress or email and let me know. The first 10 people will receive a sample in the post!:)



A Skincare Product Like No Other?

Ok, so I’ve decided to do my FIRST ‘Test Feed’ on my blog….. (We’ll obviously it’s my blog otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?). And I’ve decided to but a product that I’m particularly excited about to the test…… Its name?


Anew Genics to be precise. And where do we recognise that brand name from? None other than Avon. Anew is a 1 BILLION DOLLAR skincare brand in itself. And its most recent skincare breakthrough which according to it’s CEO, Andrea Jung, is 20 years in the making whereas the adverts say 10…. Either way I’m impressed. Here is a short clip talking about the products and its advances in technology:

So as you can see here, the claims made by Avon are quite serious, so I’ve decided to put it to the test!  So this is what they say…

In 3 Days: Deep wrinkles look plumped
In 2 Weeks: Dramatically reduces the look of age spots and discolourations
And In 8 Weeks: TAKES UP TO 10 YEARS OFF YOUR LOOK.(Baring in mind that if I looked 10 years younger I might actually look my age for once!)

The Genics product I’ll be using? The Treatment Concentrate. A serum up to 2x stronger than the Treatment Cream and also available on the market. I’ll be taking & posting some pics to document my trial. So here goes the first few!

Me(Slightly worse for wear & very much so pre Genics!)My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)



My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)


ANEW Genics Packaging.

ANEW Genics Unboxed.

So I’ve applied the concentrate to my lovely cleansed face, have let it set for a few mins, and followed it using my moisturiser (Also ANEW – Thremafirm.).

So thats all for now! I’ll reapply in the morning and repeat for 3days and report back! And then carry on!

Hopefully my speed-bumps will be less noticeable next time you see that mush! If anyone would like to PRE order genics Treatment Cream or Concentrate(And receive a free luxury bag with free skincare tailored to your age) email or go to


Make Up SKYPE-line….

So being the kind hearted person I am, I’m always looking to help out when I can. So…. I’ve linked my skype onto my blog(And a direct link will feature on my website soon.

Our line will be open for bookings, makeup application queries, product queries, photoshoot queries, hair queries,(and if I’m procrastinating) general chit chat & everything bugging you. Think about it, if you have skype on your phone you might aswell save the credit for gossiping with the gals!

You notice this on my sidebar in the blog to tell you when we’re online. And even if we’re not… Leave us a voicemail.

Just download skype by clicking the link below and search ‘DJsMakeUp’.

My status

Get Skype and call me for free.

If you don’t have skype yet….. What are you waiting for….. Even Oprah has Skype, not to mention Ellen!!!!



MATTE Alert!

Just got in a fresh batch of nail polishes from Avon……Now these aren’t the normal polished finished that you would be used to normally…… They’re MATTE? No shine….. A sandblast finish with a shimmer…. And they look Awesome! My 2 Favoyrites are ‘Violetta’ & ‘Red Velvet’.(Below) And with all their nail polished @ 4 for €15? They’re not a bad price either.



Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Best thing about them, is you can add a gloss, sprakle or even gloss pattern yourself to really vamp these polishes up! Google them for some AMAZING ideas!





Yes yes yes! So if not you, then your mum, your auntie, your granny or someone you know will remember the slogan and also the advert if came from…. Glamorous lady knocking on the door with the little gloves? ITS THE AVON LADY!

Avon Lady

Avon Lady

1960 Avon calling advert1960 Avon calling advert

So one of the more taboo makeup brands that I feel some makeup enthusiasts are afraid to approach….. Claiming that they are of inferior quality to others, or that ‘I once tried their foundation and no lie, like, I totally swelled up like a balloon…. I’m allergic to Avon…’. Yet……. They aren’t as keen on completely slamming ‘Top’ brands after they’ve had a reaction to one of their products even thought they swear by 7 of their other ones…. It’s simply brushed off as an ingredient in that particular shade or cream etc… However, only recently I’ve been able to dabble with some of the Avon products and have… Well….. Fallen head over heels! Not only that, but I’ve learned a bit about their incredible 125 year history……………………

One of the most fascinating things I’ve learned about Avon is that of it’s million dollar research centre in the states, where, it not only lives and breaths make up and skincare products, but also creates some of the best loved technologies found in skincare and make up products across numerous brands on the market to date. Avon has a lot to boast about over it’s 125 year history, it being the first cosmetic company to stop testing on animals and its Anew range was the first mass skincare product to contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid anti-aging technology. ANEW is now a $1-billion-dollar skincare brand, with 2,400 jars sold every hour around the world.

Aside from the cosmetics…. Its also one of the only corporate companies in the world to openly support and speak out against domestic violence and has HUGE link with charities in communities all over the world including right here in Ireland. There’s so much I could say about how they help give back to communities but for now… Lets move onto the best part….. COSMETICS! 🙂

One of the things I like about Avon is that when you open the brochure your looking at a brand but also opening a store…. which in itself has many other ‘sub-brands’. And whats best…. If you don’t like the colour….. Wasn’t the right foundation choice(There’s LOADS to choose from) or you simply just didn’t like the product you got…. Send it back! Avon have a FANTASTIC no quibble, 90 day guarantee!(Just don’t try sending back a half empty bottle of something……!)


Colour & Contour Blush Duo

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

Colour & Contour Blush DUO

This has quickly become my first choice for blushers! The odd colouring to both colours and shimmer make it a hard contender in the contour race(where my Makeup Forever Sculpting kit stays FIRMLY in the lead), however, it’s ability to rouge using just the blush side or glow by only taking a dip of rouge along with the beige side, along with the shimmer, offer a glamorous dewey glow to the cheeks, and highlight to the cheekbone. It current offer price? €7.50(Normally €10.50) It’s a STEAL!

Magix Face Perfecter

Magix Face Perfector

Another favourite of mine! This primer has a typically silky texture found  amongst many brands of primer. The part that sticks out for me is that it has a unique gel to powder finish, so it dries instantly without drying the skin. Not the only brand to use this type of technology, but one of the lightest ones I’ve felt on the skin. Also boasts an SPF 20. Currently €10(Normally €15).

I’m going to end it here…. FOR NOW……. As it’s late/early? And as I’m now a Region Trainer for the Da Vinci Region of Avon, I’ll be able to keep you right up-to-date with all the new and up-coming products, aswell as some of my other favourite brands! So don’t be afraid of affordable makeup….. EMBRACE IT!

For information about becoming an Avon Rep, or to find a rep in you area and get a brochure you can e-mail, or check out this facebook page(Amoungst many others) or check out the website @

Peace out!