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A Fragranced modelled on a Scentless Flower?

The Dahlia, a beautiful, scentless, timeless flower is now being brought to life by Parfume Givenchy & Ricardo Tisci. The fragrance named ‘Dahlia Noir’ is a result of 4 years of testing, and mixing scents by Parfume Givenchy & Ricardo Tisci himself. The face of the frangrance is none other than Tisci’s best friend & muse Mariacarla Boscono. The 2 have been friends since the age of 15 and even went to college together in St.Martains College London.

The fragrance comes as 2 separate fragrances, an eau de toilette & an eau de parfum, and both couldn’t be more different. The eau de toilette is the lighter of the 2, with a more woody rose scent, while your eau de parfum has a more powdery rose scent. When asked about the fragrance Tisci had this to say;

I’ve been at Givenchy for six years, and for me it was the right time to create a fragrance and strengthen the brand’s identity. Dahlia Noir is a fragrance as singular as beauty. But its elegance, its neoclassical nobility doesn’t cut it off from the rest of the world or women in general. I sought out this ambivalence, a rare secret to be shared by as many women as possible. I wanted women to share in this dream of mine. 

The Dahlia being a scentless flower allowed Tisci & Givenchys Perfumer  François Demachy to create a totally new and unique scent for this ‘gothic, but also very whimsical and romantic’ flower.

This seems to be a big year for Givenchy, with celebs draped in Givenchy Couture on the red carpet and the launch of numerous new products alongside Dahlia Noir, like their Acoustics collection & more importantly their new mascara ‘Noir Couture’ which I’ll be doing reviews of soon. Dahlia Noir will Launch in the UK & Ireland on the 20th of August, but you can get your nose on the fragrance 2 weeks early by getting to your nearest Givenchy counter for a Sample!

Check out the add for dahlia noir below!:)