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Givenchy to Defy with Colour & Couture!

‘Le Rouge Givenchy, a magnetic rendez-vous between leather and pure color where fashion and beauty collide… 
For the first time, Givenchy focuses all its skill and expertise in high qu ality leather goods on designing a lipstick like a Couture accessory.

More than a lipstick…Givenchy creates an unprecedented Couture object of desire that envelops the lips with intense colour in one stroke for a sensuously mat finish.’

This is how Givenchy describes their latest creation, Le Rouge. It’s UK & Ireland collection consists of 12 colours, ranging from nude to a deep sensual red.

Le Rouge Swatches solo

In it’s usual way Givenchy has managed to seamlessly weave cosmetics & couture together to make something of a chic accessory. However, this time they have really outdone themselves….. The packaging is like a couture piece straight off Tisci’s catwalk. A salmac (a rare type of fused metal that Ricardo Tisci uses for his buckles, jewelery & handbag claps from) studded inspired piece wrapped in a luxurious soft lamb leather. Now I hear you just glazing over the leather statement, but this is definitely something to be sniffed at….. As in when you get your hands on yours, smell it!

Le Rouge Close Up

Not only does the packaging smell amazing, now smell the lipstick itself, rich in colour, & castor oil free, the lipstick smells of soft blueberry. And to front the campaign? Well the lovely Liv Tyler has been snubbed by Givenchy as the face, with them opting for a more couture choice, muse & friend of Tisci himself Mariacarla Broscono. Maricarla has been featured in many high fashion houses collections & catwalks and is most known for her hair, walk & eyes, and is more recently known for being the face of Givenchys Dahlia Noir fragrance, & also appearing in their SS13 campaign with her 4 month old baby! Oh to be a model!!!

Le Rouge Visual

And thats not all, Givenchy have discontinued their fabulous Vernis Please! nail polish range only to be replaced by a new more couture range… Le Vernis. And their will be a matching Lipstick in the Le Rouge range.

Givenchy-Le-Vernis-bottlesLe Vernis Visual Le Vernis Visual mariacarla

The New collection will go on preview at Debenhams from tomorrow & then have their exclusive launch at Debehams from Monday 21st, only to be rolled out in the rest of their stores from the 4th of February! Although I wouldn’t wait until then, these lippys have been on demand & have already had waiting lists across the UK & Ireland, so get yours soon!

Available at Givenchy Debenhams Henry Street Dublin & Patrick Street Cork.





So rumours have been circulating the northisde of the city makeup counters recently and aparently their is truth to them. For all you MAC crazyheads who hate to trek to the Southside of the city for a bitta lippy, MAC Cosmetics will be opening a store on Henry Street. Word has it that they will be taking over the old O2 retail until on the coner across from both Debenhams & Arnotts, and will be in full swing before Christmas. Further rumour has it that this 3 storey outlet will move on to become a BT2 Boutique, but we’ll wait and see!



Bronzed or Brown = Boom or Bust!

So it is that fabulous time of year again, where we are SUPPOSED to have loads of sun, days by the sea and gorgeous glowing skin! And as usual it’s all gone down the drainpipe along with all the rain & flooding, so as per the Irish norm we seek out alternatives, in fake tan, sunbeds & bronzers. Fake tan is unfortunately not my forté, however me & bronzers go waaaaaaay back. Ever since the dawn of my realization of their existence, me & bronzers have fought, argued, been thrown against walls and very scarcely made up. We were like that relationship you have with that best friends friend, that brothers wife, that friends husband….. You put up with each other, but dont actually;

A) like each other

or B) get along.

For a long time I’ve strived to find the perfect all round bronzer that can bronze but also double as a contour kit, and finally after year of fighting, I think we’ve actually found something in common!

Here’s my top 5 bronzers to get your tanning mits on this summer to get the summer glow, and not the poo brown!( Sorry it’s early, and to be honest…. well… Enough said…)

1. Givenchy’s Croisiere – Now you can say what you want, but without being biased this is my favorite bronzers I have ever used! Not actually called a bronzer but a ‘Healthy Glow Powder’ this powder actually starts off as a gel, and is cast into its packaging & baked for some hours until transformed totally to a compact powder. Its ultra silky, talc free, lightweight texture is perfect to wear over foundation, or because of its origins and a gel, let it melt back into a gel on the skin alone for a natural bronzed glow, and layer for definition. Its the pricier of my top 5 but well worth a try if you’ve had more bust than boom with Bronzers! I challenge you not to love this product! €45.50 @ Debenhams Henry St. Dublin, Patrick Street Cork & Limerick or online at


2. Faces Cosmetics Bronzing Powder – Faces Cosmetics is one of my all time favorite crossover brands. And by crossover, I mean professional performance, handbag price. Faces cosmetics do an amazing range of colours in their face powders which can be used as an uber personalised bronzer, or you can go with their aptly titled ‘Bronzing Podwer’ range. This range offers a multitude of shades, also including a ‘duo'(Pictured above) which has dark & light halves, to highlight & bronze or to carry you all year round, even when we’re that bit more see through in the winter! Another plus is that the packaging is refillable, so when you run our, or throw it at someone on a night out, you don’t fork out the full amount the first time once you still have your compact. (Price €23 – Available from Faces Cosmetics, Pavillions SC Swords.)


3. MakeUp ForEver Matt Bronze & Sculpting Kits –  MakeUp ForEver is probably one of the leading professional crossover brands in the world, another one of my favorites. With a huge array of colours, make up forever is perfect for the palest shades of see through & and the darkest shades of brown on the market, and their MATT BRONZE range is no exception. This fabulous range comes in a multitude of colour and is a perfect companion for someone seeking less of a glow and more of a bronze, while staying natural and not orange! Their sculpting kit is another must have for any MUA, its a matt hightlight & Bronzer in one compact perfect for shoots, shows or yourself! (Prices to Follow Available from MakeUp ForEver boutique Clarendon Street, Dublin 2.

4. Essence Sun Club – This is a fabulous credit crunch alternative to our other bronzer, and don’t let the ‘credit crunch’ put you off, this bronzer may be low priced but packs a punch! Its ultrasilky, matt and very natural, only downside is the colour selection, uber plus side? It smells like suncream!:) Great to throw in the handbag for nights out instead of your favourite! (Price – €4-5 – Available in Pennys, Dunnes Stores, and some Pharmacies)

5. Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls –  These are one of Avon hot shot products, with a blush and highlight version of them, these pearls the are addictive! They come in a pot, and have a selection of bronzed, warm, and highlighting pearl sized compacted balls of powder. Dust the brush along them and sweep across the face for a glowing bronzed look!

PROS- Fabulous finish and easy to work with;

CONS- Can be too dark for paler then pale skin, and if you drop the pot, its like a load of miniture ping pong balls….EVERYWHERE! ( Price- €12.75 (But often on special, available from your local rep, go to to find your nearest, or drop a comment and Ill find one for you!)

So that is my rundown of some of my favourite bronzers to get trying this summer! Any swatch requests? Drop them in the comment box! Hope its helpful!:)




Modern day ARTDECO…

So Art deco, was brought about in the 1920’s in Paris with its eclectic style and artistic design….. And in the 1930’s it spread internationally…… And who has very clearly taken the crown of the ARTDECO Queens? Zee GERMANS of course? Ok, so, maybe not in life, or in the ‘Art Deco’ sense…….. but Certainly in the ARTDECO sense! Confused? Me too…….


ARTDECO is Germanys number 1 cosmetics brand, bringing a wealth of colour, innovations & must haves to the market. This brand is in every sense ‘art deco’ however a trend setter too. Its not its first time in Ireland as it was originally classed as a ‘mass makeup’ brand like L’Oreal, Mx Factor & Rimmel, and you would find it down the back of the department stores. However, move over counters Artdeco is back & landing with a bang as a fully fledged counter! Taking over from Smashbox in Debenhams stores across Ireland, Chloe Enterprises(Artdeco’s Irish owners) plan to reintroduce the people to this fantastic brand and remind them why the Germans are well known for not doing things by halves!

Have a feel around the counter the products look fantastic, feel fantastic and perform amazing, considering they are still at a ‘mass makeup’ price range!

The eyeshadows(Aswell as their lipsticks), are fantastic, great pigment and are in abundance of colours, & with their magnetic palette system you can pick and choose and swap as much as you like, with the shadows ranging from €6! Move over Inglot!

Another product which caught my eye and sent me head over heels was the ‘All in One Manicure’, this is what the ARTDECO have to say;

“All in One Manicure combines peeling and effective hand care in one product. It gently removes excess skin and cuticles. Your hands will smell exotically fresh. Precious jojoba, almond, orange, grape- and apricot-seed oils provide your hands with a sensual suppleness.”

This is what I have to say;


I haven’t had a great deal of time to play with these products yet, but from what I have I LOVE THEM! Im DYING to get them out on the workforce and under the watchful eye of the camera! And with collections from the likes of Dita Von Tease…. Artdeco can only be heading one direction….






So after the few years of hype & speculation since cosmetic giants Estée Lauder(Owners & operators  of MAC) swiped Smashbox from Cofri Cosmetics everyone has been waiting to hear whats next for Smashbox? Will it be the new MAC? Not will but when is it going to go huge? Surely Estée Lauder will have the funds to really bring this brand where it deserves to go with advertising etc?



Well last weekend Smashbox employees got latest news.

Estée Lauder will be closing down its Smashbox counters in Debenhams stores around Ireland & the UK. They will also be closed down in other department stores around Ireland with the only one in the City Centre staying open being Arnotts. The company has been running at a loss for some time now and are struggling to keep it a viable company. They will be keeping it mainly in pharmacies for the foreseeable future.

All is not lost just yet however, as Estée Lauder are now taking a short period to see whether they can keep some of the counters open and make then a viable income for the giants, but unfortunately it doesn’t look too good right now.

Stay tuned for more info!




Eclat Matissime… Perfection at last?

So with Spring approaching it brings with it, the usual new make up collections with brights, pastels & overall funness, but also bring with it an army of new foundations on the market. MATTE foundations are huge this time of year, with many people suffering from oily skin. Tell tale signs? Large pores, excess oil, greasy patches after applying foundation. However, if you steer more in the dry skin area, these are generally foundations to steer clear from. Being quite blunt… I hate mattifying foundation. If you’re oily…… Use a powder. Easier to control the amount, whereas a mattifying foundation soak up any sebum(Skins natural oil) it can find, giving a think, cakey, powdery look to the skin. Suffocating & drying the skin.

Well….. All of that is about to end with the launch of what is claimed to be a mattifying foundation like no other. A mattifying foundation, that leaves the skin glowing with radience…..? This doesnt sound right?

Givenchy Eclat Mitissime (plus powder)
Givenchy Eclat Matissime (plus powder)

Givenchy’s Eclat Matissime – This is a follow-up to Givenchy’s popular compact ‘Matissime’ powder foundation with SPF(Also pictured above). Giving the popularity of Givenchy’s previous foundations, they seemed to take their time creating this one, making sure it ticked all the boxes(Like Photoperfexion & Photoperfexion Light) but also did the job of a true mattifying foundation. It also has an SPF20 and is enriched with active ingredients (Ginger & Cinamon) with skin cleansing effects to reduce pore size & smooth skin texture. This also aids to eliminate impurities that accumulate through excessive make-up applications. It contains ZINC with controls the amount of sebum that the foundation soaks up, only activating when there is excessive sebum on the skin rather that soaking up all of it. It’s not your typical Matte foundation as it is light on the skin, non cakey, buildable and leaves you with a glow. Applies great, looks fab & last throughout the day! I’ve tested & tried it on a multitude of people ranging in combination skin to very oily skin & combination skin with dry patches and I am reluctant to say, its one of my favcourite foundations on the market to date! Nicholas Degennes(Creator) is a genius! It is a lightweight buildable foundation & skincare product in one. You can catch the ever stunning Liv Tyler in their visuals for the campaign.

The foundation is availble for trial & to buy in Debenhams Henry Street(Dublin), Cork, Limerick & Belfast or online

Watch out for reviews on other upcoming mattifying foundations including Lancome & Chanel.




Givenchy Spring/Summer Collection to Hit Debenhams Henry Street Today!

So, Givenchy’s Spring Summer Collection is Launching tomorrow in Debenhams Henry Street, Ireland. Their will be no glitz or glam event, but their will be flash makeover’s all day in store by myself! If you have never tried Givenchy before, or are an avid fan, get down and check it out!

Instant Bucolique
Instant Bucolique

Each of the products are limited edition only, so when they’re gone… They’re gone, and their is a waiting list for the blushers already! An interesting fact is that both the face powder ‘Le Prisme Visage Bucolique’ & the 2 blushers ‘Le Prisme Blush Bucolique’ have the same amount of pigment and product is all compacts, however, no 2 are visually the same?

Instant Bucolique
Instant Bucolique