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My 2 Cents!

So I know I’ve dissapeared for the last few months and havent had an recent posts lately but I’m back!

I’ve recently made the big move to LDN(London for those not in the know) and and dying to give my 2 cents(or pence for us in the Uk) on current make up trends, catwalk trends….. and fashion bloggers that suddenly decide to give make up tutorials?!

So whats got you all excited like a schoolgirl this season? Whats your must have for your make up bag? Whats your favourite cross over product from summer to autumn…. And whats your take on those pesky fashion bloggers trying to put their figers in other peoples pies!? Ill be blogging about some Autumn Winter Make Up collections launched exclusively at Harrods and filling you in and whats hot and whats not!

First up will of course be a look at the Givenchy Autumn/Winter Couture make up collection(And the new foundation Tient Couture which launched exclusively at Harrods today!) which will be make its way to stores soon!



Urban Decay Posher than It Sounds?

So the makeup world is abuzz again after another corporate sale of a well know cosmetics brand. Kevin James Bennett, Emmy award winning makeup artist to the stars revealed on Facebook today that makeup GIANTS L’Oreal Paris have bought Urban Decay Cosmetics. So what does that mean for one of our make up favs?

Who knows? When Estée Lauder bought Smashbox over 2 years ago there was nothing but hype for the brand, coming into a corporate company whom own the likes of MAC, however when Estée, finally took control of the brand earlier this year, it seemed all the hype for the future of the brand was just that…… Hype. Since then, in the UK & Ireland Smashbox has been pulled out of most retail & department stores, and in Ireland only now remain in Arnotts & some larger pharmacies.

This is not the first time Urban Decay has swapped hands of the corporate kind either….. Urban Decay is an American cosmetics company founded in 1996 by David Soward, Wende Zomnir, Patricia Holmes, and Sandy Lerner. Urban Decay was bought by Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH who own the likes of Givenchy, Dior, Benefit, Make Up Forever etc. being the biggest Luxury Brand in the world.) in 2000, & then sold again in 2002 to the Falic Group. In 2009 it was taken over by Castanea Partners, a private equity firm, to where it now stands to date with L’Oreal. So don’t go feeling sorry for the small time big hit company, because its been a long time since then.