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GAGA & PEREZ at War?


So the twittersphere has gone INSANE in the last few hours over the feud that is Lady gaga & Perez Hilton. Ex-BFF’s are tearing each other apart on twitter! It’s not 100% apparent on what exactly has gone awry between the high profile pair, however whatever it is seems serious. Both are branding each other liars! GAGA saying that Perez is stalking her and had be sending her psychotic messages….image


while camp PEREZ says that Gaga is a liar, and has not only stabbed him in the back but walked all over people that work for her, and many other artist….. This is better than Eastenders!



Could this all be over Perez publicizing negative views on GAGA’s new single ‘Applause’ suggesting the artist has lost her touch? Is Gaga being overly sensitive or is Perez gone back to his old nasty ways??(Didnt he ever really leave them?)

Check out all the drama live on Twitter!


A Skincare Product Like No Other?

Ok, so I’ve decided to do my FIRST ‘Test Feed’ on my blog….. (We’ll obviously it’s my blog otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?). And I’ve decided to but a product that I’m particularly excited about to the test…… Its name?


Anew Genics to be precise. And where do we recognise that brand name from? None other than Avon. Anew is a 1 BILLION DOLLAR skincare brand in itself. And its most recent skincare breakthrough which according to it’s CEO, Andrea Jung, is 20 years in the making whereas the adverts say 10…. Either way I’m impressed. Here is a short clip talking about the products and its advances in technology:

So as you can see here, the claims made by Avon are quite serious, so I’ve decided to put it to the test!  So this is what they say…

In 3 Days: Deep wrinkles look plumped
In 2 Weeks: Dramatically reduces the look of age spots and discolourations
And In 8 Weeks: TAKES UP TO 10 YEARS OFF YOUR LOOK.(Baring in mind that if I looked 10 years younger I might actually look my age for once!)

The Genics product I’ll be using? The Treatment Concentrate. A serum up to 2x stronger than the Treatment Cream and also available on the market. I’ll be taking & posting some pics to document my trial. So here goes the first few!

Me(Slightly worse for wear & very much so pre Genics!)My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)



My troublesome forehead lines(Pre Genics!)


ANEW Genics Packaging.

ANEW Genics Unboxed.

So I’ve applied the concentrate to my lovely cleansed face, have let it set for a few mins, and followed it using my moisturiser (Also ANEW – Thremafirm.).

So thats all for now! I’ll reapply in the morning and repeat for 3days and report back! And then carry on!

Hopefully my speed-bumps will be less noticeable next time you see that mush! If anyone would like to PRE order genics Treatment Cream or Concentrate(And receive a free luxury bag with free skincare tailored to your age) email or go to


Make Up SKYPE-line….

So being the kind hearted person I am, I’m always looking to help out when I can. So…. I’ve linked my skype onto my blog(And a direct link will feature on my website soon.

Our line will be open for bookings, makeup application queries, product queries, photoshoot queries, hair queries,(and if I’m procrastinating) general chit chat & everything bugging you. Think about it, if you have skype on your phone you might aswell save the credit for gossiping with the gals!

You notice this on my sidebar in the blog to tell you when we’re online. And even if we’re not… Leave us a voicemail.

Just download skype by clicking the link below and search ‘DJsMakeUp’.

My status

Get Skype and call me for free.

If you don’t have skype yet….. What are you waiting for….. Even Oprah has Skype, not to mention Ellen!!!!



Vogue- Androgynous or just plain Cross-Dressing?

After days upon days of scowering the internet for videos, pics, adverts for the f/w 2011/2012 collections fashion houses around the world……. I came upon an ingenious edition of Vogue, in which they include a DVD? A first for Vogue in which they include catwalk trends straight from London, Paris Milan & New York… This is not all…. It also includes interviews with designers and members of the creative teams involved! HUGE LOVAGE!

A huge reoccurring theme across all catwalks and that on the pages of Vogue’s catwalk report is Androgyny…….?

Dolce & Gabbana fm 2011 Campaign

Dolce & Gabbana fm 2011 Campaign

A trend not new to us, but one many find hard to trickle down to their wardrobe & makeup bag…. Where is the line between Androgyny & cross-dressing? Here, we share our top tips for getting that structured androgynous catwalk look….. without having people check out your ‘package’.


  • making sure of an all over even complexion is a must & false tan is a MUST NOT. This look worst best when on paler porcelain skin.
  • when contouring keep it more defined to get that sharp sculpt, and a more taupe coloured matte powder works best for a more severe “I’m still a lady” look. Come slightly more into the apple of the cheek than you would normally for that truly structured look.
  • instead of a blush opt for a creamy matte eyeshadow, lighter than your own skin colour, to naturally highlight the apple of the cheek & the cheekbone to add a bit of femininity into the mix.
  • with the eyes, you can keep the girlie. Opt for darker colours, mainly black(possibly adding some deep red for colour), and avoid filling the lashes. Either keep them nude or simply tint them with mascara rather than going for full, long lashes or ‘spider legs’. Also avoid using a sharp line on the eye and opt. for the more subtle smudge.
  • fill in the eyebrows. Depending on the severity of androgyny you wish to achieve, make them nice structured & arched like a 50’s style brow to keep the look a little more girlie… Or to make it a true androgynous look, fill in the brow starting at the middle and fade it out into more of a straight line(Normally this will mean ending it about 3/4’s of the way across & keeping the rest natural). You can do this using a pencil or eyeshadow. Again working with more taupe style colour than warm browns to give that colder f/w look.
  • and to finish off this look, add a nude matte lipstick or one with a hint of gloss(Shine) rather than a shimmer.

Chanel F/W 2011/2012

  • instead of thinking of robbing everything from your boyfriends closet, stand back and think…..? What is your best female attribute from the waist down? Legs? Hips? Waist? Chest? Think, like when your doing your makeup, of one of your best female attributes and work from there. Keep that attribute looking feminine. So generally something fitted and/or structured to pull attention to the area.
  • a single splash of colour amongst greys, Blacks & whites is a great way to stay feminine & steer clear of the cross dressing look.
  • adding a closed collar or ‘polo shirt’ type colour into the mix give it that male edginess.
  • trousers….. Rather than jeans to keep it chic. Your boyfriend jeans are hot but not for this look. The boyfriend jeans should be kept as your ‘dress down’ girlie look. Adding them into the mix could add not only confusion to onlookers but a vary boyish bottom half, leaving you limited space to play with on top.
  • adding a brogue style shoe into the mix will definitely bring out some boyish charm however don’t be afraid to stick with heels. If your sticking with heels either keep em low or go with a boot style for a higher chic look.
  • a fitted jacket or coat is one of the most common androgynous items of clothing. If its a suit jacket…. keep it open, or have a plunged ‘V’ from with low single button closing(This can also be worn oversized). However a military style will look super structured buttoned up, but can also be worn open.

Chanel Spring 2010

  • if its long…… slick it back into a pony-tale keeping the hanging hair poker straight.
  • medium length… As above. Brush it back, and add a wax for texture.
  • Short… Slicked, spiked or structured…..  Play until you find what you like most!
Peace out.

MATTE Alert!

Just got in a fresh batch of nail polishes from Avon……Now these aren’t the normal polished finished that you would be used to normally…… They’re MATTE? No shine….. A sandblast finish with a shimmer…. And they look Awesome! My 2 Favoyrites are ‘Violetta’ & ‘Red Velvet’.(Below) And with all their nail polished @ 4 for €15? They’re not a bad price either.



Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Best thing about them, is you can add a gloss, sprakle or even gloss pattern yourself to really vamp these polishes up! Google them for some AMAZING ideas!




The ESSENCE Of Lovage!

A bitta lovage has to be throw in the direction of ESSENCE. Commonly found in PENNYS & DUNNES this low key, low cost brand is finding more & more space in my kit everyday!

Its started with a just a lipgloss….. XXL SHINE!

XXXL Shine Lipgloss by ESSENCE

This lightweight glossy gloss with a bit of a sparkle is POIFECT(Perfect but prettier) for the handbag. Its hint of colour goes great on a nude lip, over a lip pencil or to jucify a lipstick. My colour choices ‘Rock On’, ‘Glamour to Go’ & ‘Rising Star’.

I also played around with a few of their eyeshadows which are quite nice when used with some type of primer or base…. My favourite…..?

Whoom! boooom!!! Eyeshadow in 'Cream Canvas' by ESSENCE

Perfect cream base, with a very subtle glitter particles for that barely this sparkle!

Another Must have for the kit was their NEW GEL EYELINER…..

Gel Eyeliner in 'Midnight in Paris' & Eyeliner Brush by ESSENCE

This, like many other is waterproof, stubborn to get off….. But FANTASTIC! The brush is also quite nice sized to fit in your makeup bag and also big enough to be used by the pro’s.(Both sold Separately.)

And my most recent purchase was a blush…… Wasn’t too sure about buying one at first but I had a 50’s style shoot today(…… yesterday….. earlier?) & decided on my shoestring budget to fly to PENNYS for a quick look and found the perfect colour….. and loved it.

Silky Touch Blush in 'Secret IT-Girl' by ESSENCE

Pigment & staying power were fantastic and it will definately be kept in my kit for future use!

Everything here is between €2.50 – €3.50… So get in & check em out!

I’ll also post pics from the shoot when they’re out… You can catch some sneak peak behind the scenes on Twitter.



Late Oxegen Update!

Updates Updates Updates!!!!! Well I am possibly the worst blogger going………… I can’t seem to find a few mins to get my brain to spew but right now…… SPEW IT WILL!!!!

Oxegen 2011 was AMAZING! Unfortunately I couldn’t keep updating as we had a MAJORLY busy weekend, but no worries folks…. I played as hard as I worked!!:) A full weekend full of celebs, makeup, hair products, mud & music! Highlight? Doing the ever fabulous KE$HA’s makeup….. A little scared  at first, hearing the stories, seeing the pictures and then being greeted at her door by a monstrous 75 ft bodyguard, then finally walking through the door and seeing a fresh faced stunning young lady sitting across a small 2 seater and next…? THE BEST AIR KISS EVER!

On Stage(Pics care of Peter Neill -

Definitely don’t believe everything you read or hear as this girl is soooooooo nice! She even asked me to be her giant dancing penis!! Watch out for her tour DVD too… As her bro was with her recording everything! So you hear of the bus breakdown ordeal & Some CRAZY KE$HA haircuts that we got s sneak preview of! Follow her on twitter!